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  1. HelpingHand123

    H1b succesfull stamping in Matamoros, Mexico My 17th and 18th 2017

    Hi, You can get a Mexico 7 days permit for $25.00 at the border. If you have a valid USA visa, Canada visa you don't need a Mexican visa or permit. Just to be on the safer side, I had a Mexican visa from the local Mexican consulate.
  2. HelpingHand123

    H1b succesfull stamping in Matamoros, Mexico My 17th and 18th 2017

    They asked me many questions related to my job location. How much i earn, how long have you been in USA. Why do I have two Mexican visas's on my passport? Why is my address on my DL is different from my client location?
  3. HelpingHand123

    H1b stamping Matamoros Mexico May 17th and 18th

    Hi.. Im not sure. Never had that error.
  4. HelpingHand123

    H1b stamping Matamoros Mexico May 17th and 18th

    Just started a new topic with my visa experience. Here is the link
  5. ASC interview on 17th May 2017 Visa interview on 18th May 2017 This forum helped me a lot for my interview and now it's time to share mine. A little background Graduated Masters in Mechanical Engineering from a good university in 2008 First H1b in 2010 / 2nd H1b in 2013. This is my 3rd Extension. I have my I-140 approved Both my previous H1b stampings in India. received 221g both times but successfully approved after the 3months wait. Decided to go to Matamoros, Mexico because of the other positive reviews I decided to go with Salvador services because of all the positive buzz. Trust me, all these reviews are in fact true. He is a very good person and helped us in every aspect. You can get all details here https://mexicovisaservices.com/ Just to be on the safer side, I got my Mexico visit visa stamped from SanJose, CA Mexico consulate. If you have all the required documents its a matter of 20 min. It's a one day process and you get your passport on the same day. They will charge you $36. Surprisingly, my experience was very good and simple. My itinerary: May 16th - Flew from SFO airport to Brownsville, TX. reached Brownsville by 4.45Pm I met 2 others in the airport. We hired a cab to Greyhound bus station. Salvador picked us and drove us across the border to his Best Western hotel in Matamoros. Stayed there for the night. Met one family and another Chinese couple there at the hotel. In total, there were 6 H1b's and 2 L1b's. We all had same appointments for fingerprints and visa interview. May 17th - At 8.15AM Salavador and team drove us to the ASC appointment center. All you need is your DS 160 confirmation page, passport, I797, and passport. Better take your full file if it makes you comfortable. We were all done in 20 minutes. Came back to the Hotel. May 18th - The day we were all waiting for. Woke up at 6.30, Came to the reception by 7.20. Salavador team was ready and they dropped us the consulate by 7.45AM. There was a line already with Mexican nationals. Stood in line for 20 minutes. And then they started calling our names. L1 visa holders were called first because of some extra paperwork. I was number 3 on H1b list. Initially, a team checked our Passport, I797 and then sent me and another guy to the counter 3. There were 3 counters working. Counter 3 was a white lady. I was second in line. She was asking all pretty simple and straight forward questions to the guy who was before me. She was smiling and making everyone very comfortable. His H1b was approved in 5 minutes. She called me next and my interview was like ... ME : Good morning officer VO: good morning, can I have your passport. Gave my passport and waiting vo : So, who work for employer XXX me : Yes vo : how long have you been working with them? me : Almost 4 yrs. vo : do you have an employer letter? me : passed it on. She did on even look into it. Just kept it aside. vo : do you have any criminal record? me : no vo : have you been ever jailed? me : Never officer. She was typing something in her system all the time. vo: do you have any graduate degree? me : yes, I have a masters degree in engineering. vo : what engineering? ( i was surprised she asked me this. My masters was in Mechanical. ) me : Mechanical Engineering from blah blah university. After this, she took a yellow paper and writing something on it. After 30 sec, came the golden words vo : your visa is approved, pick your passport at 3.00PM today. My interview lasted like 3-4 min. She did not ask me any documents, not even i797. She just asked my employment letter but she did not even bother to look into it. Everyone got approved that day. Later, I heard that the same lady interviewed the Chinese couple and it lasted like 15 minutes. She asked them more questions but got approved. Salvador and his team drove us to pick the passport at 2.45PM. Everyone got our passports the same day and we had our passports in our hand by 3.15PM. They dropped us at the border and we took a small walk to the US border where they will give you a new I94. This was the hardest part. The border offices were not so easy to deal with. They did ask a lot of questions way more than the original interview. Just be careful on what you answer. Be straight to the point. But, good thing is that they let us all in successfully. I was like 15 minutes there. Crossed the border and flew back to Bay area. Some important observations: Appointments dates are easily available in Matamoros,MX. Contact Salvador as soon as you decide on your dates. Matamoros is unlike a US city, It unsafe to roam around roads. Better contact Salvador. His team will make your stay comfortable and safe. Make sure you have all your documents. No one knows what documents they will ask you. Food is really tasty and authentic. Try chicken tacos and orange juice. They really make fresh and tasty food in the hotel restaurant. Quite reasonably priced. Do not worry about currency conversion. $$ are and US cards are accepted anywhere. Make sure you have quarters and 6$ exact change, You need them during crossing the US border and getting a new i94 Prepare well by reading others experiences. If you have any question, pl contact me. You can find my email on my profile.
  6. Hi .. My dates are 17th and 18th in Matamoros. Did you confirm your dates ?
  7. HelpingHand123

    H1b stamping Matamoros Mexico May 17th and 18th

    Hey .. Just sent you a email !!
  8. Hello Everyone .. Planning for H1b visa stamping on May 17th and 18th in Matamoros, Mexico. Will reach Brownsville, TX on 16th and take help from Salvador services. Any one planning on the same day !! This will be my 7th year and 3rd extension !!