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  1. Hi, In 2009, after layoff, I stayed behind for 4 weeks to try get a job, but when I couldn't get job, I left US. I didn't overstay I94 anytime. Later, I re-entered US multiple times on H1B. 1) During AOS interview, what should my answer be to question "Have you violated terms of non immigrant status"? I didn't answer 'yes' when 485 was filed. 2) Is 245k needed? My attorney is thinking of submitting a 245k memo at the time of interview. 3) Has anyone had experience of 245k recently. I read some unpleasant experience. Thanks,
  2. I got my passport with Visa stamp today. Sharing my experience: 04/26 - visa appointment - visa approved - but status page says "Administrative processing" 04/28 - AP update 05/03 - visa issued 05/04 - got passport back in Bangalore I was worried and lost so much time researching about AP in forums (and reading some odd stories), checking status sometimes as frequently as every hour. When the officer has said "Approved', you are likely to get, be patient, send polite enquiry to ustravel docs when necessary.
  3. Hi, Visa Officer asked me questions on my work, education, salary. He went inside and appeared to take a copy of my I797. He said my Visa is approved. But CEC visa status page says "administrative processing". Could this be a PIMS issue? Please note I travelled to India while H1b transfer was pending. 03/27 - H1b transfer petition (premium) applied 04/08 - Came to India for a emergency visit 04/10 - H1b transfer petition approved 04/27 - Visa stamping at Chennai, VO said my visa approved, CEC page says AP. I will share this with my new employer's attorney, but should I also inform my current employer (haven't resigned yet)? Any thoughts, please share. Thanks, Prakash