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    Online FOIA

    Hello, I found a link on dhs.gov to file FOIA https://www.dhs.gov/dhs-foia-privacy-act-request-submission-form. Did anybody submit FOIA using this link ? Or is it suggestible to use G-639 to file the FOIA request. Please let me know.
  2. Hello rahul1108, i was doing some research on this scenario. What i found is, it is better to wait until your current extension is approved. As the transfer is dependent on the current extension. If the extension is denied/revoked after you join the new employer you will be out of status for some time. So it is always good to have a valid I94 before trying to switch companies. Experts here can add more if needed.
  3. yes, i got a FTE with another company. My 194 was expiring by May 7. so tried to submit the transfer before that
  4. I submitted extension documents on April 26 to California service center and received notice on May 05. So i hope you should receive it some time this week. I too applied for transfer on May 05 to California service center. Please let me know if you receive receipt notice.
  5. Can someone answer this ??
  6. Which service center are you guys talking about? My extension was filed on April 26 to California service center and i received receipt notice on May 05.
  7. Hello, My I140 filed in september 2016 is still pending. I have submitted for H1 Extension & Transfer applications without the A-number. I am expecting that my I140 to be approved some time this month. If so can i update my H1 Extension/Transfer applications that are in progress with the A-number and request for H1 extension beyond 6 years ?
  8. Just an Update on my issue. My New Employer(Company B) has started the transfer process and filed LCA on 26 April. My question is if the LCA doesnt get approved untill May 4/5 and if we send the H1 Transfer documents to USCIS by May 6 (Before I94 Expiry date May 7). Will that be still considered as transfer initiated before I94 Expiry ? Or should the documents reach USCIS on the weekday ? Please let me know
  9. Thank you for the reply pontevecchio. Could you please clarify on below questions 1. the company is supposed to revoke the H1 petition as an administrative requirement. 2. See 1. This has no relevance or connection to you I was asking this only to know if the revoke takes longer, meanwhile can i get the transfer approved through PP ? 3. Impossible to say. Why i am asking this is if both extension and petition are in the regular process and once PP is resumed, i can convert the transfer to premium. Will i get an approval without I94 in this case ? 4. How. It is taking a long time for H1 approvals. SO i cannot work for the new company until i get the approval and stamping if i go through Consular processing ?
  10. Hello, I am working with a small consultancy on H1. My Visa+I94 will expire by May 07, 2017. My current employer filed for extension in regular process. I got a Full time position with an Global Company who are getting ready to transfer my H1. In this situation i wanted to check if the new company could not submit the H1 transfer documents before May 07, is it risky to join them with just the receipt number? As the premium processing is suspended i have to wait for more than 6 months to get the transfer approved. In this situation should i opt out of joining the new company or is the risk worth it? 1. What will happen to the current H1 extension petition after i resign to my current company? 2. Will it be considered as Abandoned and will USCIS Revoke it? If so how much time will they take to Revoke ? 3. Is there a chance to get the transfer approved before the extension and get an I94 extension ? 4. If we go through the consular route, can i start working for the new company with just receipt notice ? Your answers would help me a lot in the current situation