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  1. Thank you @shekar11# I plan to get the H1B transferred in premium. Since the H4 & EAD are not dependent on the Employer and only on my H1b - Is there any way to update the Current H4 in-progress petition with the new H1B details? I could very well be wrong, but wanted to check.
  2. Hello Experts - My H1B and my wife’s H4/H4EAD stamped until Sep 03 2019 (Expired now). However, My H1B is renewed till Sep 2022 via premium, while my wife’s H4 & H4EAD petition is still under process due to biometrics. To summarize, i have approved I-797, wife has a I-797 case receipt for her visa/ead. Issue: If I get a H1b transferred to another company should my wife get her h4 and h4-ead transferred too? I understand that no transfer required if H4 is approved, but here the H4 petition is in progress, not yet approved. Thank you for your help.
  3. My Driver's licence expires on the same day my I-94 expires. That is the reason i'm trying to follow this route even though my employer applied for a extension(with usually takes longer time without premium processing) Thanks Gowtham
  4. Hello Sir I have a Valid H1B until Sep 2019. My Old passport expires on July 2017, therefore my corresponding I-94 also expires on July 2017. I have received my new passport valid until March 2027. My employer applied for i-94 extension in premium, but we missed the premium processing deadline and and got routed to regular queue. 1) Do you advice going to Canada or Mexico or India for my I-94 renewal? 2) If i go to Canada(With a Visa) or Mexico, can i stay for few hours and get back for the I-94 renewal or Is it mandatory to stay for 1-2 days? Thank you. Appreciate your response Gowtham