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  1. Status Update September 22nd: Changed to admin processing. September 25th: issued and tracking number available. September 26th : afternoon passport pickup. September 27th: Port of entry in canada. Questions asked Where do you live? what do you do there? Where did you do masters and when did you graduate?
  2. Not rejections usually they gave 221G slips and rejection for visitor visa. the guy before me was confusing visa officer with his answer so that's the reason he got pink slip.
  3. i saw few people getting pink slip and rejection. do you have interview at Ottawa?
  4. I had interview at 10:15am. we went early around 9:30 but security guard said come back around 10:00. so we went there at 10:00. Note please don't go early 15 minutes before your interview time. after security check we were told to go to counter 6 or 7. where they check DS-160 , passport, photoes and I-797. Once that is complete instructed to go to counter 4 for finger prints. Next comes the long line for visa interview. we had to wait for 10-15 minutes and then our turn came for interview with lady officer on counter 2. she asked for passport and i-797 for H1 b applicant. at that time my daughter started crying so we asked if she could give us pen or something she can play with she gave us sticky note pad and my daughter started playing with it. following are the Questions asked: Is it renewal? when did you start working on H1-b? i said month and year. how many years is that? do you work for xxx employer? what do you do for your employer? what is your highest degree? what is your current salary? did you paid any fees for visa? can you give me your LCA? she said your visa is approved and you can get your passport back in 3-4 days. That was it. she did not asked any questions to my spouse and this was my first time stamping(COS-F1 to H1). if anyone has any questions please feel free to message me. Thanks.
  5. GC96

    H1-B Visa Stamping at Calgary Consulate

    Use this one. https://ais.usvisa-info.com/en-ca/niv/users/sign_in
  6. GC96

    221G cases in Vancouver in 2017

    Thank you very much for info. I am going to Ottawa not Vancouver.
  7. GC96

    221G cases in Vancouver in 2017

    i think you mentioned in some post that you took your kid with you for H1 stamping. Can you please let me know if you take kid what things ( i mean food ,cell etc. ) we can take inside the consulate. i have 2 year old daughter and she is very active (doesn't sit at one place for few seconds). Any other tips will be helpful. Thanks.
  8. GC96

    Regarding H1B Visa

    yes it's Indian passport and the expiry date is June 2019. i received new passport back within a week even though i applied in regular processing not tatkal. i selected last option while filling online application.
  9. GC96

    Regarding H1B Visa

    yes you can renew passport. i did it around late april and my passport was expiring in june 2019.
  10. There are no dates in august. but in September only 22,26,28,29 are available.