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  1. I am currently working on H1B visa. My spouse (US citizen) has filed for my Green Card I130/I485/I765 recently. I have received the receipt for 485 and 765. I have not received my employment authorization card/advance parole yet. I have been notified by my employer that I will be impacted by a impending layoff in my organization. I am worried about my immigration status after the layoff. In case I am not able to land a new job before the layoff, what will be my immigration status? I have been told that I will be in “485 pending” status as soon as the layoff is completed. Is this true?
  2. sravya.p

    B2 visa for grand parent

    May i know when can i reapply a visa once again for my grand mom?
  3. sravya.p

    B2 visa for grand parent

    Sure.How can we contact you guys ?how much are you going to charge for getting a visa?
  4. sravya.p

    B2 visa for grand parent

    Visa got rejected without any prior questions only asked the relation and handed over the passport by rejecting the visa,tried visa from Hyderabad consulate. So is there any possible way to apply visa once again? How long should we wait for reapplying the visa.can we try from a different location?Can you please suggest us for further process?
  5. sravya.p

    B2 visa for grand parent

    I am about to apply visa interview for my grand mother in Hyderabad. I wanted to know what are the questions asked by the interviewer to my grand mom and what all the documents should i send to my grand mother in order to get the visa in a smoother way.She is an uneducated women and couldn't show all the documents ,but we were training her for all the basic questions to answer. Coming to tie ups my grand father is still alive and he could not visit me ,so only grand mom was about to go for visa interview.All her children were accommodated in India. She is going to visit me for my due date as i am pregnant.So my question is, can she answer the same for the interviewer for the reason of the visit? She had all the documents for source of income and we are going to sponsor her all travel trip to USA .What more should i prepare her for visa interview is there any chance of denying the visa? I just wanted to make sure about all the required documents before her visa to make her comfortable and get the visa in a cooler way.
  6. Hi, You can request a SEVIS update from your school and they will tell the status. I have received my receipt and my employer has updated me. Thanks, Sravya
  7. sravya.p

    Travel When H1-B is Pending

    Hi, I am currently on my OPT extension which ends on July 10th and as my H1B is picked, i am eligible for Cap-Gap Extension until Oct 1st. I am planning to travel to india in June and return before July 10th. What would be the process for this? My employer says it is not recommended as the h1B petition will get abandoned. But is there a way to do travel without my H1B getting abandoned?
  8. My checks have not been cashed, receipt was not received But SEVIS was updated. Does it happen that the SEVIS gets updated but the check cashing happens later?
  9. sravya.p

    H1B status "Name was updated"

    I have found out my case number from my SEVIS and the initial status of the case says "Name was updated". What does this mean? And does the check get cashed before the SEVIS gets updated? Is there any order in which this happens? And how soon will my employer get the receipt in mail?