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  1. You are correct, its same visa class L
  2. rocky127

    Risk of cancellation of current visa

    I never had my visa's cancelled while getting new visa's I have four L1's and one B/1B2 which expired early this year
  3. 1. No issues 2. Not mandatory Your I-797 approval by USCIS is sufficient for them to get visa stamped
  4. rocky127

    Risk of cancellation of current visa

  5. rocky127

    Travel to india with valid I-94 but expired visa

    I am assuming you have Indian passport, you won't have any issues going to India Issue may happen while coming back to US
  6. rocky127

    How late I can re enetr US before my petion expires

    Your PED defines your visa validity. So for example, If you got 5 years L1 visa but your PED date is only for 3 years. Now, you have to get fresh L1 after 3 years. Since you will be back before PED , there won't be any issue
  7. rocky127

    I- 94 Renewal due to my old passport expried

  8. rocky127

    Travel at Land border - New I94

    Sure, will let you know Thank you very much!
  9. rocky127

    Travel at Land border - New I94

    Thank you , we are Canadian PR holders so visa is not a issue. My Attorney told me that its up to the mood of CBP officer to do this as they are not required to change I 94 for people travelling less than 30 days from US/Mexico. Using this provisional I-94 thing may help. Appreciate your response pontevecchio.
  10. rocky127

    TRAVEL ALERT - ATL POE - Advise needed!

    I just came with my extension. There was no issues at ATL
  11. rocky127

    Travel at Land border - New I94

    Good day folks, Can someone please let me know if I can drive to Canada and come back after 2-3 days to get revised I94 for my son. We just got our L1A- Blanket visa extension but my son's passport is expiring in May 2018 and accordingly his I-94 was given until his passport expiration date. We still have valid visa until March 2019. I see option at CBP website : https://i94.cbp.dhs.gov/I94/#/home Visiting the U.S. & Arriving via a Land Border? Would appreciate if someone can share their experience on this? Thank you very much
  12. rocky127

    L1A Blanket extension

    I just got my L1A blanket extension approved at Chennai.....Its pretty simple if you are a strong candidate
  13. rocky127

    L1A Extension

    Yes, they are correct. Your visa would be valid until PED only You will have to go for extension interview again for L1A Blanket