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  1. Scenario: I work for company A as an H1B (I-140 approved but priority date is not current). I have an offer from company B who have filed for H1B transfer already and they expect me to join in couple of months. 2 weeks after H1B transfer was filed, I got another offer from company C. I really want to accept this offer from company C, but since I am not sure how the H1B transfer will work out I have not and need advice. To summarize: Company A has not revoked H1B yet (I am working for A at the moment), company B has filed H1B transfer under normal processing and now if I accept the offer from Company C, Company C will also have to transfer H1B to them. Questions: Can this company C H1B transfer be filed while another one from B is pending? Is there any dependency? Can I safely accept Company C's offer or should I be aware of any potential issues?