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  1. I m planning to visit India in Sep 2017 after my extension approved till 2020 i will have to go for my visa stamping. In the same trip i would like my parents to have visitor visa interview so that they can accompany me on my return. Is it ok if i myself being in India and my parents going for visa interview? Should I schedule their appointment before mine? Pls advise.
  2. Am employed in US as a full time with reputed company. Got my I 140 approved also H1 extension approved till 2020 recently. Last visa expired on 05 /31/2016. I m planning to visit India for vacation in Sep 2017. Will have to go for stamping will client letter be asked? Client i work for does not provide one however my petition document has a letter from the client stating the partnership they have with my company foe us to work at their offices would that suffice? What else i could be asked? Plz help