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  1. ilovehome

    LCA Wage Level 1 RFE- First time H1 PETITION

    I get the same RFE related to Level 1. Anyone who get approval will be appreciated if you can post some good method here
  2. ilovehome

    H1B Extension approved - Nebraska Center

    Would you please let us know how do you know the approval ? Did u get the approval notice from your lawyer? Lawyer get the approval information via email? thanks in advance
  3. ilovehome

    H1 Extension PP with returned check ETA

    Does anybody get approval?
  4. As per my employer, the check was encashed May 16th.
  5. By today April 28th, 2017. I am still waiting for the receipt number for my H1B Extention under Premium. The petition reached NSC on March 31st as per Fedex tracking number. Even the check is cashed from my employer side. The Atty office says that NSC will only mail the receipt number instead of email for now. I heard some people start getting receipt number and Approval notice whom package reached NSC around March 31st. Is there anyone in the same boat?
  6. I received my receipt number last Friday and the received day on the receipt reflect as May 8th. Not sure they will adjust my case around 15 work days or not.
  7. I send u an message , please check
  8. I got this email from my lawyer after i suggest to ship the application again. Due to the logistical problems associated with a massive number of filings before the end of premium processing, the service center has had severe backlogs in processing the pending cases. I have begun to receive receipts along with refund checks for the premium fees for cases which were filed before the end of premium processing. There are several cases in my office, including yours, for which I have not received either a receipt for a refund check. I would expect that the same would be issued shortly. I would not advise refiling the case at this juncture as it would not be eligible for premium processing. Even if they refund the premium fee, they have promised to expedite the processing of these cases. Accordingly, I would suggest we wait another week to see if we receive a receipt. I will update you if there is any progress on this.
  9. please message your number to me as i created a whats up group to discuss our situation.  Thank you .  As of now three people in my group. 

  10. please message your number to me as i created a whats up group to discuss our situation. Thank you . As of now three people in my group.
  11. please message your number to me as i created a whats up group to discuss our situation.  Thank you .  As of now three people in my group. 

  12. please message your phone number to me,  i have 3 people in my chat group to discuss our situation.    Thanks 

  13. would you please share when your h1b petition check was cashed?
  14. Anyone in this thread got the receipt number yet?
  15. Hi, Rama1911. You mean you get the receipt number at May 5th. but shown as April 21st on your receipt ?
  16. Guys, Any update from your end? I am still waiting for the receipt number. Really hard time. 40 days already :(
  17. ilovehome

    H1 Prem Process Times

    Hijiju, Good to hear that you got your receipt. May i know when your received the receipt? what is the date USCIS received your case when you track your receipt number on the USCIS website? Your reply will be appreciated .
  18. As of today(May 5th). No receipt. As per my Laywer office. already 20 work days.
  19. Did they send your receipt number via email or mail?
  20. Thank you for all reply this thread. Please update here if you received any update from USCIS/Attorney. Finger cross! hope we can get the receipt number before the end of this week.
  21. same here. case filed on 31st March
  22. Hi ChanTho, When your employer check was cashed for your case?
  23. Congratulations! I am still waiting for the update :( . I hope i can reply to this thread with Good news tomorrow.