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  1. Hi, Is there any one whose H1B got approved this year 2017 even after mentioning specialty occupation as computer programmer. My amendment was filed as Job role with SAP Architect but specialty occupation as Computer Programmer. I do have around 10 years of experience & Master degree in computer science.
  2. Piku

    H1B Cap Exempt Receipt Delay

    I am not aware of when did the check get cashed,,,
  3. Piku

    H1B Cap Exempt Receipt Delay

    It ideally should take any time between 2-6 months,,Mine has already passed more than one month as receipt...If it does not get approved,my employer will move the petition to premium(once premium resumes)
  4. Piku

    H1B Cap Exempt Receipt Delay

    Hi, I have received my receipt notice 2 days back...It seems it has gone into regular as the receipt date is showing as 17th April but my packet was sent on 31st March..
  5. Piku

    I-797C Receipt typo in name

    Can you please tell me when did you file your transfer ?
  6. Piku

    H1 Extension Receipt Not Yet Generated

    Hi, Did you receive the receipt notice?
  7. Hi Ram, There are many folks on the same boat.I am also waiting for the receipt number till now & my case was filed under premium on 31st March.
  8. Hi Sumanga, When did you receive the receipt notice?
  9. Have you got any response yet?
  10. Piku

    H1B premium processing

    Any update on your case?
  11. Any Update guys,,I had to fly urgently but seems for this mess the position may be closed,,this has really hit bad..
  12. Hi Sachinda, Did you get your receipt number?...
  13. Guys I am still waiting for the receipt notice & its really frustrating.
  14. Piku

    H1B Cap Exempt Receipt Delay

    Do you have any update newly?