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  1. Hi All, I am eligible for dropbox for my H1b extnension. I am from Madhya Pradesh and my nearest US embassy is Mumbai. But in my next trip I will be in Chennai. So I wanted to use dropbox in Chennai. So I selected Chennai location while filling the DS 160. In the CGI website, If i select Madhya Pradesh as my residence, my interview waiver confirmation letter will be showing POST as Mumbai. So my question is can I change my residence as Tamilnadu and get POST as Chennai. Because in case if I called for interview and finger prints after dropbox, I want to attend in Chennai and i won't be able to go to Mumbai. Can anyone suggest me in this regard, please?
  2. krishna2708

    Travel on F1 with H1B Approved

    Thank you so much for your reply. So Can I go for H1 B Visa Stamping in May during my India trip?
  3. krishna2708

    Travel on F1 with H1B Approved

    I am currently on OPT working as a lecturer for a reputed university. My OPT is valid until August 16, 2017. My employer has filed Cap exempt H-1 B for me and it was approved today. My H1-B is valid from August 16, 2017. Due to an emergency, I need to travel to India in the month of May. So I am planning to make an appointment for H1-B visa stamp in May. Since my H-1 B starts from August 16, 2017, Can I travel back to USA on Jun 24th on my F-1 Status? I have a valid F-1 visa and I-20. Please let me know. Your prompt response is greatly appreciated in this regard.