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  1. I am an FT employee working from home from Milwaukee WI(current work address on H1B)with a company who holds my H1B which is valid till June 2nd 2020. I am yet to request my employer to initiate my H1 extension. I would like to request my employer to also allow me to change my work address to my brothers place in Dallas TX from June 2 2020 new h1b. So that after moving to my brothers place - I can buy a home in nearby zipcodes and change my work address without needing an h1 amendment. My question is that is it possible to initiate my h1 extension with future work location change included in it.if yes - what will happen if my h1b extension is pending and I have already closed out my old work home address lease and will not be able to use the old address.
  2. Hi, My attorney has filed my H1b Extn along with my wife's H4 Extn on Mar 15th - H1b Extn was in Premium Processing - H4 was in regular processing. My H1b Extn got approved on Mar 29th - But my wife's H4 Extn is still pending as it was filed in regular processing. I have seen some entries in this forum where both h1b and h4 extns get approved at the same time or with a gap of 2 weeks. Please share your thoughts on when can I expect my wife's H4 Extn to get approved. Does my case need any intervention from the attorney. Thanks in advance for your input.
  3. My h4 extension status got updated to 'Case Was Approved'. It took 2.5 months from Mar 16th for the processing of h4 ext applied along with h1 ext pp.
  4. I am still waiting for my wife's h4 extension. Assuming that my I-539 is not getting any expedited processing due to the overload of work at Nebraska, I am now checking on timelines for regular processing of i539 in uscis website - but no luck as Nebraska center processing times isn't showing i539 in their list. I will post here if I see any changes or updates.
  5. I found the following news update in Murthy.com, NewsFlash! Processing Delays for H-4/EAD Applications Filed With H1B Premium Processing Cases 23 Mar 2017 The Nebraska Service Center (NSC) is taking longer than normal to adjudicate H-4 I-539 applications and I-765 applications for H-4 employment authorization documents (EADs) that are filed concurrently with H1B petitions for premium processing. While there is no premium processing available for H-4 or EAD applications, if they are submitted concurrently with a corresponding I-129 H1B petition that includes a premium-processing request, the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) typically will adjudicate the H-4 and EAD applications in an expedited manner. Because premium processing service for H1B petitions is being suspended temporarily, effective April 3, 2017, the NSC is being inundated with such requests before this deadline. To deal with the large number of cases, the NSC has indicated that it will first adjudicate the I-129 petitions, and then process the H-4 and EAD applications a week or two later. The NSC expects to work through this backlog within the next several weeks. Applicants and attorneys who do not receive any notice on one of these H-4 or H-4 EAD applications by the end of April are advised to contact the USCIS National Customer Service Center.
  6. Hi Vips1982, Please let me know if you applied at Nebraska. please let me know if the h4 extn I-539 case status was appearing as regular/premium when checked the status initially.
  7. I found the following content in USCIS website, In addition and at no additional cost, USCIS will strive to provide faster processing of Form I-539 applications filed by dependents of the principal beneficiary of a petition for which Premium Processing Service has been requested if the Form I-539 is filed at the same time. USCIS provides this service as a courtesy. Consequently, it cannot guarantee faster processing of the Form I-539. Based on the above it looks like H4 Extns are going to get processed longer than Premium processing timelines. My H1B Extn and H4 Extn were applied together with single payment of premium processing to Nebraska Service Center. Please share your H4 Extn approval timelines if your situation matches myn - It would be very helpful. Thanks in advance for your inputs.