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  1. On H1b Since April 2012. Changed employers twice and as a result my current H1b is valid until September 2020. (I have an approved I140). Current employer suggest they will start the process in January 2019. Considering it will take around 8 months for PERM and 6 months for I140, I might have both approved around February 2020. This is under the strong assumption that there will be no major audit related delays etc. Should I insist on starting the GC process sooner? Or is this timeline just fine? What happens if I change employer again. Will the H1b extension happen for another 3 years. So lets say I join a new employer in September 2018, will the visa automatically be for until September 2021? Thanks in advance!
  2. cmsdelhi

    Changing Jobs on H1b

    Given the current situation with the suspension of premium processing and all the uncertainty around H1B visas is it a wise decision to switch jobs. Have people on H1b come across employers who are not willing to consider H1b applicants at all or showing some sort of hesitation. What is the worst that could happen. You continue to work for 240 days with a receipt but end up not getting the approval notice. Share thoughts please.