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  1. Ateeq123

    H4 EAD Documents Returned

    When did you first send application and when did you receive response letter? I ask cause it's been 4 weeks since I submitted H4 EAD renewal but have not got receipt number.
  2. If I were you, I would take a safer route. Would resubmit all documents along with green letter. This may help in expedited process.
  3. Ateeq123

    OPT Extension Denial (Wrong fee)

    You case seems a little complicated. I would refrain from generic advise. Please consult attorney.
  4. Ateeq123

    H4 EAD Status

    Sandeep, since your mailing address is incorrect, what are you planing to do?reapply? I see many H4 EAD renewal applicants are not receiving receipt notice confirmation(including myself) ( not confirmed by USCIS but more of an observation). Also last October, I had sent it to wrong address but USCIS had internally forwarded to appropriate department. I knew that since I had tracking number then.
  5. Ateeq123

    H4 EAD no receipt /checks not cashed

    I am in the same boat too. USCIS received my H4 EAD renewal request on march 17th but no confirmation yet. I called up Bank of America to check whether cashiers check was encashed, unfortunately it was not. I sent to the address USCIS, Attn H4, P O Box 660921, Dallas, TX 75266