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  1. Thank you so much for the reply.
  2. what if someone has an i 140 based on self petition - NIW occupation? for eg - i worked for 5 years in an underserved area to fulfill the need for NIW green card requirement. I have all the credentials to be self employed in an underserved area. but since I am from india - who know when the PD is going to become current. In this situation - can i go to India and change to consular processing? and wait there until priority date becomes current without loosing place in line?
  3. I'm in the same situation - H1B stamp with old employer's name on it expires in June 2018 - planning to change jobs so I got a new I 797 with a different employer valid until 2020. Do do I need a new visa before the old visa expires???
  4. I got my approval letter - turns out they received my case in Vermont on 3/31 - Receipt notice was on 4/5 and approval was on 4/13 - I just found out today. Thank god for these attorneys who help us.
  5. Thanks for the response - my lawyer said he received my approval notice but didn't send me the actual notice yet - so I'm not relaxed until I physically see the notice. Case status is not being updated online so essentially no way of knowing unless we get something in the mail.
  6. Do you guys know how long it takes for Vermont to update the case online after decision is made?
  7. did you receive the receipt number yet?
  8. I got the receipt notice by the end of last week from vermont service center.
  9. H4 EAD is clearly the way to go!! if you want J-1 later - it wont take too long to get it! personal opinion - not legal opinion!
  10. Based on what i'm reading - it looks like PP receipt notice is taking about 1 week's time. not sure how long its taking for final decision.
  11. No receipt notice yet!! :-) Hope they still accept it was PP since it was sent on 3/30/17 - will keep you updated.
  12. I just applied for H1 - transfer/extension and H4 premium processing yesterday - Hopefully this will be done in a timely manner. worried about the length of time it might take.