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  1. Funny questions for which asking for expert opinions !
  2. Vips1982

    Tijuana Stamping June 26/27 anybody?

    I went to Tijuana for stamping. I met Zuki. Question asked were 1. Are you still working for same employer ? 2. Show me your I-140 please. ( I am in 8th year of H1B). I got passport next day. Crossed border. Got I-94. Day1 : June 26 Fingerprinting. There are some lockers around fingerprinting location where you can put your cellphones.. I did not use, but other friend told me he used it. Officials at fingerprinting location won't tell you about it. In my opinion, put it in your hotel to be on safe side. Day2 : June 27 Interview. Arrived 20 min early. Wait time could be more than an hour Questions as above. Day 3: June 28 3:00 PM - Collect passport You can carry your phones and luggage if you plan to cross border immediately. Hyatt is safe hotel. Hotel Ticuan is also good and cheap option. Uber to nice restaurants to eat tacos. Use "uberEnglish" option to be easy side to talk to drivers. City is like any big city of India. I felt safe. Language can only be issue. but nothing major and knowing few words can't solve it.
  3. Vips1982

    Visa appointment availability for Mexico City

    I can see Jun 14 through Jul 10. All open for mexico city.
  4. Vips1982

    Matamoros Mexico Visa Appointment availability

    Pretty much all JUNE and JULY open for dates.
  5. Tijuana dates June 13, June 19, June 26, June 27, July 10, July 17, July 24, July 25...... Matamoros dates Pretty much open from June 12 through July end.
  6. If you're eligible for dropbox, you have to go for drop box only even though you wish to appear for interview. Let say - after dropping documents, US consulate wants you to appear for your interview, then don't worry about scheduling of appointment, it's not needed. You just show up at US Consulate at a particular time - that they indicated you during communication.
  7. Vips1982

    Tijuana Stamping June 26/27 anybody?

    Sent u a msg. Going for same dates. Let's connect.
  8. you are eligible for drop box even if you have changed clients. You cant skip drop box. If questinnoire determines you have to go for drop box. You have to. They may however still call you for in person interview after drop box if they need more details or fingerprint again. It is case to case.
  9. if you don't mind sharing, Can you please let us know reasons for 221g
  10. I am going to Tijuana on june 26/27. Let me know if you want to tag along. If this is your first time ever h1b stamping, then you need to go to home country for stamping. If it is 2nd time then you can go to Tijuana even if with new employer. For me however is same employer. But it should not be a problem for you as chances of queries are same everywhere.
  11. Off topic : I am planning to go to Tijuana June 26/27. Let me know if if interested to join.
  12. Vips1982

    H1B Visa Appointment Dates Availability

    Which place in Mexico ? I am going to Tijuana, Mexico on June 26/27 but there are lots availability before that too. June 5/6 Jun 12/13 Jun 19/20 Jun 26/27 - I am booked for this. Let me know if you want to tag along.
  13. Vips1982

    H1B /H4 Visa - Re-stamping / Drop box eligibility

    I-797 Approval is not visa stamp... Your visa stamp should have been expired in last one year for drop box eligibility. If VISA stamp expired (not I-797) is expired in Dec 2015. You have to appear for in person interview and possibly finger printing as well.
  14. Vips1982

    H1B Stamping Tijuana,Mexico - May21st to 24th

    Lakshman Please share your experience of visa stamping at Tijuana, Mexico. I plan to go June 26/27.