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  1. spry36

    Successful visa stamping in Matamoros - 03/27-28

    Got my visa stamping in Matamoros, Mexico yesterday. I went through Salvador, he is a nice guy, took care of everything like accommodation and transportation and thanks to everyone for sharing their experiences on this forum. I am in EVC model and was asked below questions at the interview. What do you do ? Where did you complete your bachelors and masters ? Can I see your W2 and I-140.
  2. I have booked my appointment for the next week at Matamoros, Mexico. Please let me know if anyone travelling from Houston so that we can drive together.
  3. I am planning to go for H1 visa stamping at Matamoros, Mexico in the first 2 weeks of April. If anyone know which dates are available please post here.
  4. I need help in the below DS-160 question. Have you ever been refused a US visa, been refused admission to the United States, or withdrawn your application for admission at the port of entry? Back in 2011, when I went for visa stamping in Hyderabad, I got 221G. Visa officer has written "Sent to USCIS" on 221G form. I am assuming that this means, I was refused a visa at the consulate and application has been sent to USCIS for final decision. I am not sure what was the outcome from USCIS as I have moved to a different employer and came back to US. There is nothing written on my previous visa stamp except CWOP which is normal I guess. Now I am kind of confused what to answer to this DS-160 question.