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    Hello everyone, I need some suggestions from you all. I met with an incident last year in july 11th, 2016. I went to meet my friend in motel at 3 am where he works, one of his neighbor(other motel owner) came to my friends motel, he asked for help so, I went to assist his job for 30mins. A guy with mask on his face and with a hand gun, Said to me to open the door which was clocked from inside. He was tryed to rob me. I didn't open the door he started firing at me. Thank god I was escaped, They police came took the statement from me and left. Then I went to Federal attorney to file a U-Visa regarding my criminal case. Attorney said the process of U-Visa, First stage Supp-B(which is police approval) next USCIS and I should help the police and law to catch the convict. Meanwhile I got a court notice to attend the court for that case on Aug 11,2016 and I attended so the local attorney who was dealing with my case said the case was with the detective. Now, few days back I got call from Federal Attorney saying that police got convict, but Federal attorney said to call the district court and inquiry about the case, if they don't need me anymore. Then police will approve my Supp-B. In this present situation, should I go ahead and apply for U-Visa or should I drop it. Because I heard that once applied for U-Visa we can't go to home country. And moreover it costs me. Help me, Thanks in advance.