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  1. Hi , Have you received your card or did you reapply can you please tell what steps you took.
  2. Hi shruti ,

    I am in similar situation can you update if you received your ead card or if you were able to reapply.Appreciate your help in advance.


  3. Hi Did  You receive your card if yes let me know the steps you took.

  4. Aditya Lodha

    H4 EAD no receipt /checks not cashed

    I filed my I765 h4 EAD application on Mar 17 2017.It was delivered and received by USCIS person in the signature of delivery.I was wondering if someone could answer following: 1.I sent the application to : USCIS Attn:H4 PO box 20400 Phoenix ,AZ,85036 but since USPS uses a carbon copy for addressing the delivey the Attn:H4 was little vague to read but still if you try to make sense out of it it can be read. Do you think this will cause any issue in acceptance of application? Also how long dos it take to receive the receipt /check to get cashed?