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  1. Ask@Murthy

    H4 EAD

    Hi All, Can H4 EAD teach music/dance classes? Should it be registered and get license to do that? Any idea from anybody or should I contact a lawyer?
  2. Ask@Murthy

    H1b Extension Beyond 6 Years

  3. Ask@Murthy

    I-140 Pending over six months

    I believe premium processing has been suspended only for H1 stuff and not for I140 and it can be processed in premium. In that case you can upgrade it to premium. Check with your attorney
  4. Ask@Murthy

    H1b Extension Beyond 6 Years

    With new law in place from January 2017, any approved I140 can be used for H1 extension beyond 6 years by any employer, even if it was revoked, after 180 days from the approval date. In your case your I140 was approved in 2011 & 2012 and I think you should be good to extend your H1 based on those I 140
  5. Ask@Murthy

    Non Premium H1-B Transfer and India Plan

    Regular processing timelines has improved. My transfer got approved in 8 weeks in Vermont service center
  6. Ask@Murthy

    H1b Approval Notice NSC

    In my case H1 transfer approved and received approval notice, but online status still shows as 'Case Was Received'.
  7. Hi All, Just sharing information on H1 approval timeline. My H1 transfer was filed on 05/30 with Vermont service center. I got my receipt on 06/09 and approval on 07/24. I think premium suspension helped in clearing backlog and improved regular processing timeline. Good luck all.
  8. Ask@Murthy

    H1b tranfer receipt tims

    Vermont Service Center. BTW, my petition got approved as well on 07/24.
  9. Ask@Murthy

    No sponsor for H-1b

    Valid visa is just to enter US and petition is the one which should be valid to work in US. Your new future employer has to apply a new CAP exempt H1 petition to recapture remaining years and upon approval you would go for stamping and come back to US.
  10. Ask@Murthy

    No sponsor for H-1b

    Can I later switch company in India and get visa sponsored in "Out of cap" to travel back to the US? YES, If you have not completed 6 years on H1, then any new employer can file a new H1 out of cap to recapture remainder of 6 years. Is there any timeframe within which I have to find a sponsor? Your last H1 status should be with in 6 years as far as I know Is there any case in which my current H-1b visa will be canceled or expired? You can travel back with the same visa for same employer before it expires. After expiry you have go for stamping with an approved petition.
  11. Ask@Murthy

    H1b tranfer receipt tims

    I got my receipt in 10 days. Filed on 05/31 and got my receipt on 06/09 from VSC
  12. With new rule in place since 01/2017, you have 60 days to find another employer and file a new petition. Try searching for a project and get a employer who can sponsor new petition. Even your current employer will come forward if you can find a project ASAP. Finding a project is key thing and you would have many employers ready to file H1 if you have a project.
  13. Ask@Murthy

    H1B Petition transfer

    In order to transfer, you need to work for the original employer who filed your petition for few weeks/months at least.
  14. Ask@Murthy

    H1B transfer/Max out

    6 years is calculated based on your stay IN US on H1. If you have been using the same H1 then your clock won't reset. To reset the clock, you have to be outside US for more than 1 year and file a fresh CAP subject H1.