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  1. Kksr

    H1b Stamping after completed DUI

    what was teh nature of your accudent? how did the cops came?
  2. Kksr

    H1b Stamping after completed DUI

    with one DUI, you would be sent to medical panel test from the embassy with a 221g. blood work, urine, chest xray followed by psych evaluation will be done there, They will submit there report whether they think you are a alcoholic or not. Based on that, you will be issued the visa. The wait times are anywhere from 1 month to 21/2 months. Carry all court documents. Dont worry i had a DUI in dec 2015 and just came back with a successful stamping. Please share details of your case and which embassy you going to? what was your BAC. Dont worry about the acident unless you hurt someone or there was any other car involved. Please stay sober and quit drinking as soon as possible, I quit drinking 3 years back after my incident and intend to stay like that. One time is a mistake, repeat is a habit. Let me know if you have any questions. Best luck!
  3. Kksr

    2nd DWI on Greencard process

    how can you possibly commit the same mistake again.. knowing how much even 1 dui causes issues with immigration. Sorry, I am not here to give you life lessons but just couldnt help and say it. 2 DUIs is difficult to get stamped and also future GC processesing. It would help you if you get your stamping done and if it is successful, you wont have any issues from it for further immigration benefits. I have seen few guys come back with 2 DUI and successful stamping, but you need to have strong reasons for why it happened 2nd time. Also, did you get stamping after your furst DUI
  4. Kksr

    H1b stamping with DUI - Please advise

    its a 50-50 as of now. your record is more than 5 years old. So as per the rule, they should not ask you to go for medical panel tests and admin processesing. But nowadays, they are asking old dui people to get the medical panel done as the new rule since 2016 states to revoke the visa and send anyone with an arrest record for dui to medical panel. carry all your court documents, stay sober for as long as possible. Which embassy you are heading to?
  5. Kksr

    H1B stamping with DUI

    abhneed, getting the medical from consulate approved hospital is not an option. the results would be only valid when you attend the medical after the 221g. Also, you dont get access to the medical reports. they are sent directly from hospital to the embassy. I hope you have given up drinking for last few months. Best luck
  6. hey kksk, could save finally verify your presence for the drivers license. I have got myself in the same issue. Applied for license renewal this week and have got issues with save verifying the legal presence. My license is expiring soon, what do you think I should do? please respond
  7. Hey kksk, i am am in similar situation. Got dui arrest in 2015. Applied for drivers license this week and save cannot verify my status due to the i94 departure record. what needs to be done for that? please help man!!