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    Post stamping h1b transfer - Urgent

    Plz advice it's urgent I am travelling this week..
  2. I am in India now for vacation. I got my h1b stamped recently on my passport with Employer A for whom I have worked for the past 5 years. In the mean time I have transferred my visa to new Employer B. Got I797B as I am in India now Can I travel with my valid visa stamping with Employer B I797B? Should i carry termination letter FROM employer A? My I797B starting date is earlier than my stamping date. I have valid stamping until 2020. Plz advice. .. it's urgent...
  3. Hi should I carry termination letter FROM X? Please advice as I am travelling sion.
  4. Thank you for the timely reply!!! Should i carry any documents regarding my employer X???
  5. Hi, I came to india to get H1b stamping for employer X and I got the stamping done successfully. In the mean time I have transferred my visa to new Employer Y and they did consular processing as i am in india. Now I have approved I797B from new Employer B mentioning the consulate/POE as chennai. Should i go for stamping again for employer Y?? Please advice as I am planning to travel next week.
  6. Thank you!!! Should I go for new stamping for employer B??? Or I can travel US with unexpired valid employer A visa with B's I797 B.. No i94 in B's I797 worried me a lot in Port of entry. Please advice
  7. Hi I am in India now and had been waiting for my 221g to be cleared and h1b to be stamped on my passport for employer A. In the mean time I have transferred my h1b to another employer B with consular processing. Now I got the visa stamping for my previous employer A also I got my h1 transfer approved for my new employer B with no i94. I am planning to enter US with A stamping showing B's i797 with out i94. Should it be a problem in POE?
  8. Thanks for your time and reply. The other forum says that "though I have an approved I140 and since I have completed 6 years in my h1b, I can't go back to h1 from my current H4 status. Has anybody done this before???
  9. I have completed my 6 years in H1b and now in H4 visa. I have an approved I140 from my previous employer which is not revoked yet. Can I apply for h1b with a cap exempt now?