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  1. Hello Filed for H1B extension in premium and we have only few weeks left in the current I-94 . If I dont receive receipt notice , what is the proof that we filed before the expiry date?? What happens if we dont receive the receipt notice before the I-94 expiry date?? Thanks.
  2. I am back once again. We filed for extension in premium but havent got the receipt notice yet. If I get the reciept after my current I-94 validity date, am I overstaying??
  3. Hello folks, My visa and petition would expire in 3 months. Due to some miscommunication and other issues etc, the process for extending the petition would start only this week. Few questions. 1) To live in US beyond visa expiry date , does the extension petition needs to be approved or just acknowledged by USCIS ? 2) Can premium processing applications be submitted before April 3rd and would they still be premium processed? Current backlog is till July 2016 for I129 extension. Your advice would be highly helpful