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  1. sadula

    H1b Part Time Sponsorer

    I have no idea about h1b part-time, that's why I need to know the pros and cons before I commit anything.
  2. sadula

    H1b Part Time Sponsorer

    Dear All, I have the H1b sponsorer under the "Cap Exemption"(I was in the USA only for 6 months due to the short term project), But they are willing to file the part-time H1b, not a Full Time. Can anyone kindly answer the below questions so that I will make a decision whether to process it or not? 1) what are the chances of approval(they will file the hourly rate based on W2)? 2) If it is approved, am I eligible to go for stamping with my spouse. 3) if yes, can I travel with my dependent ?. please Kindly share your opinions. Thanks in advance. Best Regards Sadula
  3. thank you all for the kind replies...
  4. Hi all, My H1b extension denied on Jan 2020, and I am back in India. How long my H1 is valid for Cap Exemption. Actual h1b approved in October 2018 and valid to September 2019. I got a denial notice on Jan 2020. kindly let me know the max date to apply for new H1 under the Cap Exemption. Thank you sadula
  5. Hello Everyone, I am really in a difficult situation, as my i94 and h1 expired by 2nd Sep'19. My employer filed for an extension and upgraded to premium on 3rd Sep and today received RFE for EE relation, specialty occupation, and project-related questions. My questions are: 1) can i travel to India in this situation, as I have an emergency? 2) my employer will respond in a couple of weeks to rfe, if it gets approval can i come back and continue my work ( i am working product based company, internal project). 3) what are the chances of getting Stamped in India? kindly suggest me the best option whether should I travel or not in this situation? Thank you Best Regards Shiva
  6. Hi all, My visa approved ...it took about 5 working days... Thank you all for the support.
  7. Thanks, Vasu. Its been 3 working days now, still waiting for the update in CEAC tracking. I will update here once i get any updates.
  8. Thank you for the kind reply..
  9. Hi All, I have attended the interview on 7th Feb, consular took my passport but told me that they did not find the i797 in their PMS and they will send a request to US Immigration. My actual consulate is Hyderabad in India but currently, I leave-in Dublin, so I attended the interview at Dublin. what will be the status of my VISA? I couldn't see any status updates on the CEAC website. How long does it take to get an update on my Visa? Thank you. Sadula
  10. Hi, could you please let me know the place of the US embassy and what type of visa you applied for?.
  11. congratulations for approval....please let me know what is the best way to make a SR. We tried couple of times but got the same reply...
  12. Hi, Did you get any updates and have you raised any Service Requests. Please let me know. My employer raised the SR on 24th june, 2017 and i can see the below in my case history. On June 26, 2017, your inquiry about why your case is taking longer than our processing time, referral number SR1174XXXXXX, was assigned to an officer for response.
  13. Hi, My case was denied and appealed on March 21st, 2017 but there was no response. My employer raised the SR and i can see below in my case history. "On June 26, 2017, your inquiry about why your case is taking longer than our processing time, referral number SR1174XXXXXX, was assigned to an officer for response" Please let me know that still how much time does it take to get an update on my case. Thank you Regards Sadula
  14. Hi all, H1B Denied in Feb-14, Reason E-E & Speciality Occupation Case was received on March-21st How long does the appeal processing takes?