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  1. I'm currently in L2 but my H1-B got picked up for FY 2017-2018, petition approved till September 2018 but Change of Status denied. Currently I moved to a new location. So to go for a PAI interview to India, I need the amendment approval before my current petition expires. Currently, my project is not ready to file for my amendment in premium as it requires much higher level approval. So, in no chance can I go for a PAI interview as I'll not get the amendment approval notice in this short time. Can I apply for a L2 to H1-B conversion again under cap exempt? Will it fall under cap exempt criteria if I file it before my petition expires although my COS was rejected? Will this conversion charge any additional cost for my employer or will it be equal to normal amendment filing fees?
  2. Chandrayee

    L-2 EAD SLA

    Hi, My current L2 EAD is about to expire in some days but i'm yet to receive my Extended EAD Card. The extension of my L2 EAD was filed on Feb 8th and I've the application receipt notice I797C. Will the application receipt notice allow me to continue working or if not, what is the alternate ways to continue my work without going in LOP? Also, I know the processing time is generally 75 days but wanted to know what is the current processing time for L2 EAD?