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  1. HI, My wife H4 EAD is valid for another year ,I recently got my H1B transfer approval ,H4 transfer was also filed with my H1B transfer only. Now, Can I file for H4 EAD extension as well inspite if it being valid for more than 180 days ? or I will have to wait and file its extension only 6 month prior to its expiry? Sks0412
  2. sks0412

    H4 EAD extension renewal after H1B transfer approved

    HI @Metroguy- If we could file EAD extension with H1B transfer,Should it not be ok to file later in regular process post H1B transfer approval as well even if it is valid for morte than 180 days?
  3. sks0412

    EAD Processing alert after one year

    yeah it was just a glitch.
  4. sks0412

    EAD Processing alert after one year

    Hi All, I got H4 EAD last year and joined a job on H4 EAD last week.I got below alert in email and on text about processing status on EAD case .When I am checking on my uscis account,I dont see any new update,Last update shown is same from last year. What this alert can be about ?Some internal processing after joining employer ? ---------------------------------- There has been a recent processing action taken on your case. Receipt Number: EACxxxxxxxxApplication Type: I765, APPLICATION FOR EMPLOYMENT AUTHORIZATION Your Case Status: Card/ Document Production On May 11, 2017, the Post Office delivered your new card for Receipt Number EACxxxxxxxx, to the address that you gave us. The tracking number assigned is UNAVAILABLE. You can use your tracking number at www.USPS.com in the Quick Tools Tracking section. If you move, go to www.uscis.gov/addresschange to give us your new mailing address.
  5. HI there, Can we get multiple H1B extensions based on approved I 140 from previoys employer ? I got I 140 from company A and switched to company B. I got one H1B extension based on my I 140 from A. Will I be able to get another extension based on same I 140 from A even if company B does not start my PERM ? Am I good to get as many extensions as i need until my priority date is current ? Thanks Sunil
  6. Did you got any reply on this ?I am also looking for similar query
  7. sks0412

    H4 EAD Approved but not received

    I saw someone replying in other post about re applying for H4 EAD ,Is that normal ?
  8. I have my current H1B expiring in Apr 2018 which we got after filing amendment and extension(Employer change from A to B)) post 140 approval(from Employer A and stayed more than 6 month with employer A on this 140) for one year only instead of 3 year. Now I am planning to travel to India in Nov/Dec which is just 4-5 month before of visa/petition expiring.Is it safe to travel and go for stamping ? I am thinking to get another extension filled around Oct which is 6 month before but in absence of premium I highly doubt that we will get anywhere with new extension. Thanks Sunil Kumar
  9. I think it should be ok as longas they are not paying you for working 40 hours per week after your resign
  10. I am in same situation ..Can you please share how you got your EAD in the end? Do you have to re apply ? Sunil Kumar
  11. sks0412

    H4 EAD Approved but not received

    My Wife's EAD got approved in month of May and received approval notice within one week. USCIS mailed card but we never received it...Filed resend request after one month and again its been more than 3 week and so far has not received anything. DOes anybody know if there is anyway to expediate or get EAD received some how ?
  12. I have filed EAD which is under process from two months and I have 3 year petition with this employer along with approved 140. I am switching job to employer B who got only one year extension with H1B transfer ,now I have two questions- 1.For how long my wife may get EAD ,one year or three year ? 2.Assume She will get EAD for one year ,Will I be able to file another EAD renewal using 140 from previous employee ? or I have to get new 140 approved first from employer B to get EAD extended ? Thanks Sunil Kumar
  13. sks0412

    Job Change after 140 approval

  14. With approved I140, H1 extension beyond 6 years is possible with any employer. Either I140 should have been approved for 180 days or if it is less than 180 days, then previous employer should not revoke it to use it for H1 extension beyond 6 years by any employer. Thank you!!! So Now what happens to my Wife H4 EAD? I filed her H4 EAD two month back with H4 and H1B Validity upto 2020 for three years but If I switch job to company B, my H1B validity will change to 2018 (just 1 year) and EAD is still in process from last two months,What Can I hope on H4 EAD, Will my wife get EAD upto 2020 or just 2018? Any input will be really appreciable.Thanks in advance
  15. sks0412

    Job Change after 140 approval

    Ok...Thanks I have my wife H4 EAD in process from last two months and now I am planning to switch to employer B who got extension for only 1 year. Based on above ,Looks Like I am safe to switch and will be able to get 3 year extension next time using I-140 from previous empoyer.(BTW my 6 year on H1B also complete next year) but If I switch now with H4 EAD in process,WIll She be able to get EAD for three years?