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  1. Thanks for your response. That is not my intention. I would like to mention that it is not the case that I never worked for this employer. I worked for them many years ago, and then again for around 9 months till May 2018 at which point I had to discontinue working with them as their H-1B was denied. I have all the intent to join them as soon as I possibly can. My quandary at this point is to when can I leave the current employer. I feel a personal obligation to continue a little longer with the current employer as they helped me with a sticky H-1B situation last year - thats all. Hope this clarifies. Thanks, and regards.
  2. Hello, I recently received my GC through a future employer. I also filed my I-485 Supplement-J (bona fide job offer from this employer) during my I-485 interview. I have not started working for that employer though. The question I have is - what are the repercussions if any, if I do not join this employer who sponsored my GC. Is there any official/legal rule that I have to join this employer? Can USCIS go and check the records if I ever joined? Can they revoke my GC or affect anything else now or during naturalization? If I check with the future employer's attorneys, they are advising to join soon and at-least work for them for 6-9 months. But I would like to know the official stand on this - in terms of what the laws have to say. Thanks a lot in advance!
  3. Dear forum members, I recently got I-140 approved (EB2) and have ported the PD which happens to be July 2008. Per March Visa Bulletin table 5B, which is at 22APR09 for EB2, I should be able to file for EAD at-least while I wait for PD to become current for filing I-485. However, the immigration attorneys at my company will not agree to the same stating that "EAD is a benefit of pending I-485 application and as such can only be filed along with I-485 application. Based on current regulations, it is not possible to file for EAD on its own". Is it correct? My understanding is that I am eligible to file for EAD. How can I convince them? What rules/links/sites should I show them to make them understand (even though they are immigration attorneys!). Thanks a lot in advance!