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  1. 1. Thanks, indeed no issues. LAX 2. Yes, it took about 1 hour. No issues. 3. Thanks
  2. Anony Mouse

    visa renewal interview

    I have 2 follow up questions: 1. If she does not appear for 221-G interview and essentially leaves her B2 case pending, would that cause any issues in her green card processing? 2. Do you have a link to check the latest known timeline for US consular processing at Mumbai, India for family based green card? Thank you.
  3. Anony Mouse

    parents travelling from India in tourist visa

    Based on my understanding, an interview waiver applies only for those visa renewals, where the current visa is still valid. Since your parents' visa expired in 2015, they will have to go through an interview process.
  4. Anony Mouse

    visa renewal interview

    Thank you both very much! I appreciate your help!
  5. Anony Mouse

    visa renewal interview

    My mother recently applied for a B2 visa renewal at Mumbai, India. She received a call for interview after fingerprinting. She has not "abused" her current B2 visa and can show ties there (self employment and property). My father is presently visiting us in the US, so that may be a reason for interview call. 1. Is it advisable for my mother to attend the interview? We have an option of leaving that case pending, since I am very close to getting my US citizenship and can apply for her green card consular processing. Which would be a better option? 2. Is my mother's current visa (still valid thru mid-April, 2017) considered void now that she has applied for renewal? Thank you much!
  6. Anony Mouse

    Visitor View renewal - called for interview

    Hello, did your father appear for the interview? And was he granted a renewal? I am asking, because my mother has a similar situation. Thank you!
  7. Hello I am a US permanent resident, currently awaiting call for interview as a part of the US citizenship acquirement process. My father is presently visiting us in the US on B2 visa. He plans to stay here for 3 more months (his visa expires mid-April, 2017, but his I-94 stamp is valid thru October 2017). In the meanwhile, my mother is in India and her B2 visa, too, expires mid-April, 2017. She has been to the US 4 times in the last 10 years (She always left in less than 6 months stay in the US, so we assume that she has not "abused" B2 visa). When my mother applied for renewal of her B2 visa at Mumbai, India, she received 221g white slip with a request for interview (no additional documents requested). My parents are married. My mother is self-employed in India and can show ties there (work/property). Here are my questions: 1. Is it advisable for my mother to attend the 221g interview? Or should I just apply for her green card (consular processing) after my citizenship is acquired? 2. If she were to appear for 221g interview and if the consulate withheld her passport for further investigation, can she retrieve her passport without withdrawing her B2 renewal application? My mother has preplanned travel to Europe this summer. 3. How soon after her 221g interview can she request to retrieve her passport? Thank you much!