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  1. sidbha007

    Class Typo in H1 approval

    Hi Guys, i received good news from my immigration lawyer today. They have received the corrected approval notice today and they will mail to my office tomorrow. So, for me the H1B extension was filed in premium processing in Nebraska center and i got approval initially on 27th Feb On 8th March my immigration lawyer notified they received approval with 1B1 class On 10th March my status changed online to : On March 10, 2017, we approved your Form I-129, Petition for a Nonimmigrant Worker, Receipt Number XXXXXXXXX We will mail your approval notice. Please follow the instructions in the notice. If you move, go to www.uscis.gov/addresschange to give us your new mailing address. After that there was no update from my company until today 21 March that they received updated approval notice. Those who filed at Nebraska should receive soon i guess. And i hope Vermont center does something to take action and correct it for u guys. It is a pain Best of luck!!
  2. sidbha007

    Class Typo in H1 approval

    I was mailing my immigration everyday for any updates, but they didn't recieve any tracking number till now. I had to postpone my trip to India
  3. sidbha007

    Class Typo in H1 approval

    I have not yet received my i797 though i am from Nebraska and got notice update on 10th Mar. And no one is trying to be mean :) we are all in the same boat. Hope we all get it soon. As soon as i get it will report here too :)
  4. sidbha007

    Class Typo in H1 approval

    For me too the status changed to approval on 10th March, but i have not yet received the updated approval notice. My processing center was Nebraska. I will update incase i receive in next few days.
  5. sidbha007

    Class Typo in H1 approval

    I see that my status has updated on USCIS website on 10th March with approved. I am not sure what that means. Initially it was approved on 27th Feb for my i129, and could this be for the correction of the visa from 1b1 to h1b. I am hoping this means that they have started correcting the mistake.
  6. sidbha007

    Class Typo in H1 approval

    My processing center is nebraska, and my immigration attorney has said they don't have any estimate to when we will get the updated i797 and it might take several weeks. My wife is already in India and i was planning to join and go for stamping, but now am stuck. If anyone receives corrected i797 please update
  7. sidbha007

    Class Typo in H1 approval

    Hi guys, even i got my h1b extension approval with wrong classification 1B1. I was planning to travel to india on 19th march and have to go for stamping but am feeling like i should delay it till i get the amended approval with correct classification. My immigration attorney said i could still use the current i797 with wrong classification with receipt notice of correct classification while going for stamping. I am worried if this will cause issues. If anyone gets the updated doc, please do let us all know. it would help to get an estimate time