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  1. san7777

    Class Typo in H1 approval

    I got my corrected notice too! Center was nebraska. wish all of you get it soon and we come out of this nightmare
  2. san7777

    Class Typo in H1 approval

    The status says , " we will mail the approval notice" and it's been this way from past 3 days. Has the status changed to "approval mail sent" for anyone?
  3. san7777

    Class Typo in H1 approval

    yes, USCIS online case status does seem to have changed. My case status shows the a new approval date for my petition.
  4. san7777

    Class Typo in H1 approval

    My petition originally got approved on 23rd; My company subsequently applied for correction (dont know the exact date); Now when i check for receipt number I see my petition has been re-approved yesterday and they have said they will shortly mail the approval notice.
  5. san7777

    Class Typo in H1 approval

    do anyone know if there is a way to track status of our request to resend the corrected form. My company immigration team said to track using the reciept notice, but that doesnt seem to work