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  1. There may be another flavor to this question. If a Green card has availed unemployment benefits, after getting green card, does he/she fall under the preview of new policy released by USCIS? Per the new policy/memo, the USCIS would prioritize removal of aliens, who has abused any program related to receipt of public benefit Would availing SNAP/Children Health Insurance program fall under this as well? Any inputs would be great thanks
  2. Thans a lot, appreciate your response
  3. Hello Requesting some expert opinion on my case: Got my GC through EB1-C category in 2011, ( came to US as program manager for Indian IT company A , worked for same company out of US for more than a year)). Worked for the same company in same role for next 4 years in US. Does the above condition of mine ( EB1- multinational executive) raise any red flag/reason for scruitiny of my LPR eligibility during the naturalization interview? I did have all the responsibility per the requirement of EB1 category ( managerial/supervision of employees, authority to make hiring and termination decisions, approval of vacation/leaves, revenue responsibility etc). I was not a VP/GM/ though I have a clean and uncomplicated history of employment and immigrant visa, worked for the same company for over 13 years, Appreciate an honest feedback. I know this is a very subjective situation and would totally depend on the interviewing officer. I was more interested in knowing what is the likelihood of such things happening or is there a history or precedence of such incidents. Or does this doubt seem too far fetched. thanks in advance Atewani
  4. Thanks a lot reply. Reason for concern is the increase in over scrutiny that has happend, over last one year, where it seems like the USCIS is sniffing every piece of paper, scrutinizing every line of application , in order to find any possible or probable reason for further investigation. It looks like unless a case is very straightforward and very uncomplicated, there seems to be a likelihood of a query . thanks again
  5. atewani

    Travel Records for N-400

    Hi You can get the travel details by submitting FOIAonline application . I did it, for my travel details to Canada for last five years
  6. Hello Experts, Looking for some clear answers here. What are the documents required for N-400 application, if you are applying for naturalization based on 5 years of Green Card. The M-477 checklist clearly states following: 1) Photocopy - front and back of the Green Card 2) Check/Money order 3) Two identical color photograph- Only if you reside out of US. The photos are required only if you reside out of US. Have read a few post here , wherein people have submitted photos as well. I am assuming they are residing out of US. Any comments? thanks Ashok
  7. atewani

    starting N400 filing please advise

    Hi Kk Attaching the screenshot of the document checklist. The Point # 3, clearly states that photo is required only when you are residing out of US
  8. atewani

    starting N400 filing please advise

    Hi Kingkoopa Where did you see the requirement for 2 photo? Per M-477, the photos are required only of you are reside out of united states. Could you please confirm?
  9. Hello Gurus this post is slightly different. I am in process of applying for my naturalization and for the pupuse of travel history , I filed a request with CBP ( US custom ad border protection) for my last 5 year travel history. I had multiple travel to Canada in year 2013 and my passport did not have all the entry stamps , for Entry to US. I got the Entry/Exit report for mine from CBP. The report shows exit record, identified by my passport number as document ID and entry record, identified by my green card number. The report has one exit record, for which there is no document ID. there is no entry record for this exit ( normally, if you have traveled our and come back to US, the report will show an outbound record ( exit) and an inbound record ( entry). This exit record is on a date, when I did not travel out of US. I have my credit card details , that shows I was in US as I did purchases near my home. This exit records looks to be error 1) Anybody else has faced this scenario? 2) Any suggestions on how to handle this? Should I consider this as a mistake and go ahead and file my N-400 with the travel history details shown in the report , excluding this redundant entry I know this is little confusing and different, still hoping to get some guidence thanks Ashok
  10. Hello Request some expert advice in Part 9 of N 400 - ( Time outside United States). The section tells to list down details of travel outside united states during last 5 years: 1) if I am applying for citizenship now ( Sept, 2017), When does the 'Last 5 yea' r period end- Is it Sept 2012? 2) If I had taken an international travel anytime before Sept, 2012 , should it be listed there as well? I had an international travel in Dec-2011 to Jan, 2012 and one in Nov, 2012. I have listed the Nov, 2012 travel. Should I list the Dec, 2011- Jan, 2012 travel as well? This travel would be 9 months more than 5 year period Appreciate your replies thanks Ashok
  11. Hi Sal8 Did you take an infopass appointment to talk to the IO? or raised a ticket/request? Please let us know how to do that? thanks
  12. Hello I know it may sound a little trivial, but I thought it would be a good idea to get expert opinion. I am in process of filling up N400 form and had few questions: 1) my travel details do not fit in the space provided in the N-400 form. I did over 10 trips ( 4 day each) out of country in last 5 years. The space is provided to enter only 6 ( Time outside United States). I have entered remaining details on extra sheet of paer ( with my name , A # etc ). Should this paper be attached to the end of the N-400 form or should I place it within the form ( after the page, which has Part 9. Part 9 is on page 7, so I am planing to place to the papersheet after page 7) 2) for those boxes, which are not applicable ( like middle name, information about previous spouse name, date of marriage etc) - Is it advisable to leave it blank or put N/A? 3) In part 10 ( Information about your marital History)- The question asked is : a) How many times have you been married ( including annulled marriage, marriage to other people and marriage to same person)- What should be answer for this for those applicant who have only one marriage ( no separation, no divorce , no annulment, no deaths) . I am presuming it should be 1 thanks for replies Ashok
  13. atewani

    N400 I-Strange Interview

    Hello AmmarImmi Do you mind sharing which center was this at? Also would you mind sharing further information on this, as the case progresses? There would be a lot of people who have changed their job on EAD/AC21 and would like to know how to handle this situation. Wish you all the best Ashok
  14. atewani

    N-400 processing time

    Hello Can anybody help with what are the estimated time for N-400 processing? I applied for my naturalization on 1st May 2017. fingerprinting done on 15 May. 4 months to be completed in a few days, no updates. I checked the processing time, all field offices show either Jan 2017 or Dec/Nov/Oct/Sept 2016. Is it that slow. Anybody got their interview scheduled any sooner than the times shown? thanks Ashok
  15. Hi I am applying for naturalization based on 5 yrs of continuous and physical presence. Wanted to confirm on what documents should be sent along with the N-400 Application. The N-400 Instruction document on USCIS website states following document needed: 1) Photo copy of front and back page of green card. 2) Check/money order It states that photo copy of marriage certificate is needed only when you are applying for naturalization on basis of marriage to to a US citizen. It does not state that you shoud submit marriage certifictate if you are applying for naturalization on basis of 5 yrs of stay. However, I have on few forums, that people have submitted marriage certificate, even though they have applied for naturalization on basis of 5 yrs of stay. Any suggestions/advice? thanks Ashok
  16. Hello Gurus Have a question regarding item # 9, in N-400- Time Outside United States: 1) The N400 instruction clearly says to provide total number of days (24 hours or longer) you spent outside the United States during the last 5 years and total number of trips (24 hours or longer) you have taken outside the United States during the last 5 years. It does not says to provide details of time spent out of US or travel details since one has got GC. Say it has been 6 years since I got GC, it is advisable to furnish details of travel outside US, since one has got GC or stick to 5 yrs, as mentioned on the N-400 Instruction. ( eg, if GC date is 31 July 2011, and filing for N-400 now, the 5 yrs end on 31 July 2012. Is it advisable to furnish travel details for out of US travel in Dec 2011) 2) I got my GC on 31 March 2012 and on 31 March, 2017, I completed 5 yrs of continuous stay . I had traveled out of US in Jan 2012, which is before the 5 last yrs ( last year years, starting today would be April 2012. I had this travel in Jan, 2012) .For the purpose of furnishing travel details, in item 9, for N-400, Is it advisable to furnish this travel detail as well or stick to the N-400 instruction, 3) I had a couple of travel to Mexico, where, I went to Mexico in morning and came back in evening. The trip did not last for 24 hours or more. There were more than one trips of such nature. Basically went to Mexico for work, we used to stay in US side of border and go to mexico in morning and come back to US same day evening. Are these travel detail also advisable to be furnished? N400 form and the instruction form clearly states details for travel lasting for 24 hours or more. Please advice thanks Ashok
  17. Hello folks I was wanting to get come expert clarity on what is the interpretation for 'Physical Presence' and 'Continuous Stay' for the purpose of determining the eligibility for citizenship. Guide to naturalization says , one must have 30 months of 'Physical Presence' and one must also show 'continuous residence' , in case one is applying for naturalization, based on permanent resident. Per my limited understanding , once a person has completed 5 yrs since PR was granted, he/she should have stayed in US for a minimum of 30 months, out of the total of 60 months ( 5 yrs) duration, in order to establish the criteria for 'Physical Stay'. Not sure what is meant by continous presence. I completed my 5 yrs of stay , after getting GC , on 31st March, 2017. Within this period, I have had 3 trips to India for 3week- 4 week duration, and 5 trips to Canada, each lasting for 4 days ( Mon-Friday travel). I have never been out of country for more than a month , a a stretch. I believe I fulfill the criteria for physical stay and continuous presence Kindly advice thanks Ashok
  18. Hello I got my GC on March 31, 2017 and 5 years gets completed on Match, 31, 2017. I am in process of filling up N-400 and although I have one month left for the 5 yr to complete, What option should I select while filling up N-400 form, Part 1 thanks Ashok