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  1. Hi, I have an H-1B visa and my wife is holding an H-4 visa. I want to sponsor my in-laws' visitor visa to the US. Is my wife's birth certificate mandatory for their visa interview?
  2. Hi, My current H-1B and my wife's H-4 visa is going to expire in August 2020. My company is going to apply for visa extensions soon. This will be our second visa extension. We have attended our prior 2 visa interviews in India, our country of origin. I have the following questions regarding my wife's H-4 visa application. Given the delays with H-4 extensions through I-539, does it make sense for my wife to get the visa extended through consular processing once my H-1B is approved? Her visa application will go to the California processing center so it is expected that she won't get approval before August 2020. Due to health reasons, she can't travel a long distance. So we were thinking to go to Canada or Mexico for H-1B and H-4 visa stamping. Can we go to these countries for visa stamping when previous visa extensions were done in India? Do we need a visa to travel to Canada or Mexico for the purpose of US visa stamping?
  3. Hi, The I-797A approval notices for my H-1B and my wife's H-4 visa extensions have the I-94 forms attached at the bottom. Do we need to return those I-94s while exiting the USA? I am aware that the paper I-94 are no longer provided by Customs and Border Protection (CBP) at the port of entry. But I was curious about the I-94 on I-797A.