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Posts posted by Raj19744200

  1. 8 hours ago, TravisBickle said:

    Thanks Raj19744200  for sharing the good news. This is a great relief for Vermont folks who aren't seeing any change in the uscis status.

    Happy to share and thanks..Good chances you will receive by EOB the week..otherwise make sure your employers contact uscis on Monday. Shoot an email as well to Vermont center(see email in my earlier post)..this might help to bump up things (hopefully)..My corrected notice sent date was around the same time, when i sent email with a sob story, which might be pure coincidence, but worth trying...

  2. Heyy guys, good news..Mine was Vermont center as well and my lawyer informed me today that they have received updated petition..The updated notice date has 03/14 on it and i believe the lawyer received this last Friday..wish they had informed last Friday so that i dont spent the weekend bitching about them..lol..below is all the details

    Original approval date: 02/22

    Center: Vermont

    Status change online: NOPE, showing same old as 22nd Feb

    I will ask the folks affected from Vermont center to get in touch with their lawyers..it must be out there in their mail and best luck


  3. 3 hours ago, newbeeH!B said:

    Hello All

    My case was from Vermont center and till date I did not receive any update from USCIS/ Employer.No status change on USCIS website too.

    Any one else got any update from Vermont center?


    No my friend, i am in the same boat as you from Vermont center and i have also not read or heard  anywhere that folks from Vermont center has received anything and there is no status change online either..VSC is in complete chaos and i have started to wonder if it is going to take another 3-6 weeks and what we were told earlier was complete lie. From what i see folks from CSC and Nebraska centers has received notices

  4. On 3/18/2017 at 9:23 PM, nvkotap said:


    Even I am under the same situation, however my case is that the the error was on the approval for the amendment filed(client is same and role is same, there was a change in salary hence the amendment). So I am having a valid petition and stamping on my VISA . The plan was to travel on 25th of this month, will it be an issue at the POE? Had anyone traveled as it was a mistake from USCIS?

    It sound like this is different issue than what this thread is about. However in your case i done see any issue if you take salary slips..I had been thru POE more than dozen times and CBP never asked me any questions about salary other than passport and I-797

  5. 3 hours ago, 1B1issue said:

    Anyone from Vermont centre saw the status update online or received the updated I797? 

    Also, is it safe to go for Dropbox with the 1B1 error? Since USCIS is already aware of the error.. would this not have been communicated to the Consulates yet? Ideally there should be a circular to all Consulates explaining this scenario so that many people like us are not impacted in the transition till they take their own sweet time to send the updated document.

    nope, so far no status changed for me...my application was from VSC. I can imagine it will be ..easily another couple weeks.

    If your attorneys did KCC you will be ok, in your case you should consult them. I really do not see any issues moving forward.

    I completely agree, this whole incident was kept wrapped under rug by USCIS. usually they should have post this  on their website, with timeline and stuff, when premium processing was stopped it was big news all over the world.. every organization has "interoffice memo"  kinda of things where they intimate other sister agencies of any issue..not sure if it was done or not in this case.



  6. 8 hours ago, paniniok said:

    Just signed up here to give you an update. Mine was processed in Nebreska, I noticed lawyer last Thursday (03/09), and USCIS status changed to (03/10) early this week. My lawyer told me this morning they already received new I-797 and mailed to me. I'm expected to receive it by next Monday.

    Thanks Paniniok for reporting..You set a great example for helping and sharing informing other folks who are in the same boat..There are many folks on here who reported earlier on and then disappeared (presumably they got their stuff taken care of) without reporting final outcome. I would request other folks not to be mean and report which can be helpful to other folks


  7. 23 hours ago, sidbha007 said:

    For me too the status changed to approval on 10th March, but i have not yet received the updated approval notice.

    My processing center was Nebraska. I will update incase i receive in next few days.

    It looks like some other folks from Nebreska center started to receive the notices, please check with your firm if they received any tracking number etc

  8. Guys,

    Below is the email for various uscis service centers. I already sent email to VSC and if many of us send emails i think they will start noticing this issue and there will be more spotlight. The automated response i got immediately  is as below in Italics.

    "The purpose of this account is to assist petitioners, applicants or their authorized representatives who have contacted the NCSC number (1-800-375-5283) with an inquiry but their inquiry was not addressed within 15 days or who feel that the response received from the National Customer Service Center (NCSC) was not sufficient."

    My law firm contacted USCIS and its already been 15 days ..so its worth giving a shot and bring this issue to spotlight.

  9. 10 hours ago, TravisBickle said:

    @Raj1974420, I think Vermont center hasn't started correcting petitions yet. Looks like rest of the centers caught up early.

    Yeah i think you are right, there is no status update or nothing so far and i am not sure there will be any status updates, from what i see many folks who got approved in march from Vermont center has received correct petitions in hand. Any sensible agency would have given priority to fix the errors and reprint cases that got messed up earlier,rather than printing new ones .. however that doesn't seem to be case.

  10. 3 hours ago, san7777 said:

    The status says , " we will mail the approval notice" and it's been this way from past 3 days. Has the status changed to "approval mail sent" for anyone?

    @San7777     Well from what i know, there is no status update when the mail is sent..when my I-797 was approved in Feb 22 it said same thing and the attorney received the approval letter (with typo) in couple days and its still showing  the same.

    For premium Processing cases USCIS usually provides Tracking number for whatever notices they sends to the law firm representing..For whoever that saw case updates can you guys check with your respective attorneys if they received any tracking numbers..That's  the sure way to determine that there is something  on its way from USCIS.

  11. 14 hours ago, TravisBickle said:

    @Raj1974420, My case is from Vermont center too. We logged request for correction one week back. Since it has been couple of weeks back for you, check with your attorney for updates as rest of the folks have started seeing status changes.

    My attorney came back to me last week with no updates and sympathies  :) My case status has not changed either.. I did chat with another folks on another forum and sound like some have received corrected notice already..so yes they are coming..But no one knows how are prioritizing this things??. Many folks who got approved in March has received I-797napprovals with no errors..How i wish i applied little late. The folks who got approved Late feb are stuck and uscis dont seem to care.

  12. Guys, so far did anyone receive corrected notices or change in case status online??

    As i thought the newly  approved notices after March are coming without any errors..however they dont seem to give any priority to resend notices they messed up earlier in February, so we are probably back and last in line..This whole premium processing is a joke.

  13. @Travisbickle..My employer requested them to send correct petition almost couple weeks back, immediately when they noticed this error. however USCIS rep told them due to the amount of petitions affected there is no way to expedite any particular case and they will eventually mail new notices to everyone affected (who knows when?)

    So far as of today noon my Online case status showed no changes. I am not sure if particular USCIS location is faster than the other..Mine was Vermont service center. What is yours?

    Guys anyone from Vermont service center show any update on case status??


  14. Did anyone else saw their status updated on the USCIS online case status? My case was originally approved on 22nd Feb and it still showing the same as " My case was Approved"  with the date OF 22nd Feb and stuff when i enter my receipt number in the case status online.

    Guys, whoever sees their case updated let us know when you receive the new I-797.



  15. 1 hour ago, somehelphere said:

    I am waiting for corrected copy of Amendment approval notice(Customer Y). But have my passport stamped and visa valid till 2019(stamped for customer X). Also have amendment receipt notice and LCA letter for customer Y. Can I proceed with travel as it was all planned. My travel is next week for customer Y by which not sure if will get the correct the approval notice. My fear is will they ask about amendment in POE? Please help.

    I am in the same boat as you and have urgent travel. My lawyer has advised not to travel until i have corrected/amended approval notice with correct classification given that we are in Trump era and it is very risky. They told me even GC holders are getting all sort of questions at POE.

    The receipt notice or LCA does not mention H1B classification only the approval notice does. So unfortunately we are stuck till we get corrected approval notices.

  16. 22 hours ago, techswe said:


    I got my approval of h1b from California service center on 19 Feb in premium and got the hard copy on 23rd Feb with wrong classification 1B1.

    My lawyers contacted right away and said its going to take 2 weeks since it is premium processing.They again contacted today morning and were told its going to come within next 14 working days.

    Hope that gives an approximate timeline.



    It sounds like they have been told to give Generic answers which is 2-3 weeks..lol. If you had called on Feb 21st they will tell you 2-3 weeks and if you call next week they will tell you 2-3 weeks again... Nobody knows for sure and everything is till up in the air.

    Sometimes i wonder if they are doing this purposely to discourage folks applying for H1B's ..its hard for me to believe its taking them so long to just print some documents...When USCIS announced suspension of Premium processing it was News all over place however there is no news nor even a simple notification on there website of this fiasco anywhere. We need to push the law-firms harder on this...anyone who has emergency travel abroad can get stuck

  17. 13 hours ago, newbeeH!B said:

    My employer got response from uscis saying that the new doc will be sent in 2-3 weeks. I had a Tavel plan last Friday but cancelled it as I need to wait until I get updated doc in hand . 

    Guys pls let group know if any one if you get updated doc.

    Is this going to be another 2-3 weeks from today date? or 2-3 weeks from the day when this fiasco happened which was 21st Feb

  18. The whole purpose of Premium processing is completely defeated by this blunder and they should honestly refund the PP fees. I feel bad for  folks  have to travel or have to change employment asap and cannot do so. Somebody else has to pay price for someones mistake.

  19. 5 hours ago, john1b1 said:

    Sounds like its going to 2 to 3 weeks even if its premium processing. If we get earlier then its luck.. lets see what happens. If any one got please post it...

    Heyy John, How do you know if it will be 2-3 weeks even for PP. did your employer/lawyer called?..it seems extremely stupid that they are taking this long just to print a document



  20. 4 hours ago, Ramesh Raj Singh said:

    Can you all Please suggest what was your processing office/location....Mine was Nebraska?

    Mine was Vermont.. It sounds like this issue has happened in California, Nebraska and Vermont offices, Does anyone have any idea how soon they will start mailing corrected notices? would they give any priority to premium processing cases..I have upcoming travel plans

  21. 8 hours ago, lballa said:

    Right. I tried, calling the USCIS but they discouraged my inquiry bcos I am neither Petitioner / Lawyer. So, I checked with employer (Petitioner) and they say it is some new format and may not be a typo. But couldn't confirm 100% as it is new to them as well. 

    With so many of us having the same issue, I am hoping it is not a typo and in fact a new format.

    Hope USCIS publishes some details \ news about this change soon if it is really a new format approval notice.

    Hi lballa, This is indeed a typo caused by their freaking printing press and USCIS has acknowledged that this week and they will be mailing out amended petitions hopefully soon. But as with USCIS nothing happens automatically and your petitioner/lawyer will have to call or email them. I was told its very risky to travel outside of US in case you are trying to visit home country for visa stamping using this petition and we must wait until we receive the amended correct petition. You would wish they would've brought a  better printing press given the amount of money they make..lol