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  1. I applied my Wife's EAD renewal (form i765) on 09/09/2019 (USCIS received date) which is due to expire on 02/25/2020. But on Dec 2nd, 2019 we received I797 (form i765) approval notice and today we received EAD card with same old expiry date that is 02/25/2020. we have submitted all the supporting documents with EAD renewal which includes some of the below evidences. my I1797 (H1B) approval notice which has validity till 04/29/2022. approved Form i140 H4 (form i539 receipt notice) which got approved on 10/28/2019 notice date with validity till 04/29/2022. Photocopy of old EAD card validity till 02/25/2020 I see its clear USICS error , we raised expedite request on the day approval notice recived its denied today without any response saying you did not provide any extreme emergent need. , yesterday we spoke to Level 2 officer and explained the issue he created request for typo error and suggested us to call back once the EAD card receives, today we received the card and it has same old validity date which my old card has. Please suggest what we need to do now ,
  2. I applied for H1B amendment in Nov 2017 as my visa expires in may 2018 I applied for the extension in Feb 2018 in premium( both petitions are for the same client) . so now I got both approved but I am confusion with the approval dates. Extension got approved on 25th April with dates valid from ( applied date from Feb 2018 - Feb 2020) , as we linked amendment petition with extension after few days on April 30th my amendment also got approved for the date mentioned at the time filing petition ( applied Nov 2018 - May 2018 ) . iam confused with dates so which we dates do we need to consider extension or amendment ?. my attorney suggested that extension and amendment are both for the same client and I am good with extension date. any advises or thoughts will be helpful
  3. I applied for H1B amendment ( location change) in Nov 2017 and its still under processing , now I am thinking to apply for H1b extension with same client as my visa is going to expire in May 2018. so can I apply my h1b extension and with draw the existing amendment or please suggest what all possible options we have.
  4. Sree_d

    Class Typo in H1 approval

    Hello any update , did anybody got to know any information from your employer or attorneys regarding the "1B1" class type
  5. Sree_d

    Class Typo in H1 approval

    Technical Error by USCIS Results in H-1B Approval Notices Incorrectly Listing Class as “1B1” Instead of “H-1B” Published in the national law review , please check guys
  6. Sree_d

    Class Typo in H1 approval

    Karthik / Lalith , same problem here , I received my amendment (client location change )approval notice with class "1B1" instead of H1B . Any advises on how to correct this ?