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    Class Typo in H1 approval

    Sad, that it is an error from USCIS side (given the fee plus premium fee they charge) and people who may need to travel will have to suffer for their mistake. Mine was Nebraska as well.

    Class Typo in H1 approval

    Right. I tried, calling the USCIS but they discouraged my inquiry bcos I am neither Petitioner / Lawyer. So, I checked with employer (Petitioner) and they say it is some new format and may not be a typo. But couldn't confirm 100% as it is new to them as well. With so many of us having the same issue, I am hoping it is not a typo and in fact a new format. Hope USCIS publishes some details \ news about this change soon if it is really a new format approval notice.

    Class Typo in H1 approval

    Hi Karthik, I am in the same boat. My H1B extension was approved in PP on Wed 22nd and my employer received the approved I797 on Fri 24th. The Class for me is mentioned as "1B1" instead of H1B. My employer filed for my H1B extension only. Thanks, Lalith