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  1. Hi Experts, I have flight next week from JFK to DUBAI which apparently has a stop in MILAN, ITALY ( I am not visiting it). My H1B on passport is expired but I have valid H1B visa approved in Hand ( infact going for Dropbox in Hyderabad). Could stop at Milan be an issue? Please post your opinion.
  2. thanks a lot for reply. By any chance did they give you names of documents needed for reentry!!!!
  3. Hi Experts, I am planning to go to india next month and need to go for stamping for first time ( I came to US as H4 and Got a H1B). 3 months back I moved to different client and location , my employer filed a H1B amendment which is in process. Am I legally allowed to travel at this time? Can I take Amendment H1B receipt for stamping for justification? Even if they stamp, will there be any issue at POE? Please post your thoughts.. Thanks in advance!!
  4. bbcr1234

    Visa Stamping while H1b amendment is pending

    I am in same situation. Are you aware if highlighted procedure worked for anybody you know?! Will they ask more questions about amendment? Thanks in advance.
  5. bbcr1234

    Travel during H1B Amendment is pending

    Hi Guys, I am same boat. I need travel next month to India. My amendment due to location change is still in progress and need to go for stamping with my current H1b 797 document ( I entered US as H4 and got H1b 2 years back, did not travel till now). Please post your experience.
  6. bbcr1234

    H1B to H4-EAD And H4-EAD to H1B

    Thanks for reply
  7. Hi Experts, I am on H1B from 2.5 years and I-140 is approved 3 months back. My wife came with me to USA on H4 visa, later H1B is picked for Her with a different employer. She wants to take a break for 6 months. Can she apply for H4 EAD now for 6 months and reclaim her old H1B in future if needed? Is it possible to get back her old H1B from H4 EAD after CoS from H1B to H4? With current situation is it a good option to move to H4-EAD? Thanks in advance.