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  1. We submitted the DS 160 form for the family. DS form was filed under Kolkata. Now we created a profile and selected the resident location as Orissa. But its giving us Hyderabad as the option for visas stamping. Should not it give us Kolkata? If not can we just go ahead with Hyderabad with Kolkata DS 160? Or do we need to submit all over again? Can we change the location to kolkata from hyderabad? Its really urgent. Plz advice.
  2. rao2929

    Urgent: Sponsoring In-Laws

    What Is the Purpose of Form I-134? Section 212(a)(4) of the Immigration and Nationality Act (INA) bars the admission into the United States of any foreign national who, in the opinion of the U.S. Department of State officer adjudicating a visa application, a Department of Homeland Security officer, or an immigration judge adjudicating an application for admission, is likely at any time to become a public charge. For foreign nationals seeking admission or adjustment as lawful permanent residents or as immediate relatives, as familybased immigrants, and as certain employment based immigrants, as specified in sections 212(a)(4)(C) and 213A of the INA and 8 CFR Part 213a, the petitioning relative must file Form I-864. Form I-134 may be used in any case in which the foreign national is inadmissible on public charge grounds, but in which he or she is not required to have Form I-864 filed on his or her behalf. Section 213 of the INA (not section 213A) permits the admission of an foreign national who is inadmissible on public charge grounds, in the discretion of the Secretary of Homeland Security (or, for immigration judge cases, the discretion of the Attorney General) upon the posting of a bond or other undertaking (method). Form I-134 is the “undertaking” prescribed in section 213 of the INA. Do not use Form I-134 if the foreign nationals who you are sponsoring are required to have Form I-864 filed on their behalf instead.
  3. rao2929

    Urgent: Sponsoring In-Laws

    its very confusing. They can still provide form 134 right? In that form, it just say if you are sponsoring you will be responsible for the expenses. Its very confusing when i hear no sponsorship for visitor visa. Is that accurate really? Or am I misunderstanding anything?
  4. rao2929

    visitor visa for sister

    can someone plz confirm? They are both entering as SELF to pay for their trip. -- Is that ok? They are not getting the vacation letter from govt - they will do it once they get the visa. -- is that ok? Should they use Adhar number as the national identification number? In their passport, state/province is not listed. Only the city is there. Should we leave the state as blank in the form? do we need to provide 10th class education details as well? I appreciate your comments. thank you.....
  5. rao2929

    visitor visa for sister

    Can some one please help us? For visitor visa for my sister and her family, what additional documents she needs to carry? They both are govt doctors. They are coming here to attend my brother's wedding in US. Valid original passport. ... One photograph as per specification. ... DS160 US Visa application confirmation page stamped at the Visa Application Center (VAC). Proof of fee payment, which is a valid receipt. ADDITIONAL DOCUMENTS: 1. Income tax as prepared by a CA 2. Property papers 3. salary slip for 3 months 4. invitation letter from US family for thewedding 5. bank statements, PAN id 6. wedding invitation card
  6. rao2929

    B1/B2 rejected for my mother and sister

    should not it be B2 visa?
  7. rao2929

    Visitor Visa for sisters family

    Can someone plz respond to this? Thnx so much...
  8. rao2929

    USA Tourist Visa for Doctors..

    same situation. What kind of NOC documents did they get? Also, are they appearing it together?
  9. Hi, We are wondering if we should apply for the who family (sister, her husband, her 8 years old kid) together for visitor visa? They both are government doctors and as per govt salary, together make 1 lakh. They are financially stable. And paying for their own trip. They are coming here for their brother wedding for 3 weeks. Their brother is in US for 12 years (H1B visa, green card filed, 140 approved) and this is their first visit. Thats the only family traveling for wedding along with parents. Here are my questions: 1. They will be here for 3/4 weeks for the wedding. - Is that okay to mention as 3 weeks? 2. Should we file their applications (3 separate) together and have them go to the interview on the same day? 3. they are govt employee and will get the needed documents from hospital. (LEAVE applications etc). 4. The form has been filled now - but we are worried if there will be any problem. Brother will send invitation cards, pictures etc. So that they will have sufficient proof. Its a genuine case of when family has to travel. Please help us on these questions. Thanks so much.
  10. Here is the list of forms I have -- Its not clear to me which all to file. 1. I-130 - YES 2. I-485 - YES 3. G-325A - BIOGRAPHIC FORM - Somewhere in USICS website I read that, we need to submit 2 copies, one for each of us. -- ? 4. I-131 - APPLICATION FOR TRAVEL DOCUMENT - ? 5. I-765 - Application for employment authorization -- ? 6. I-693 - Report of Medical Examination and Vaccination Record --? 7. I-864 - Affidavit of Support Under Section 213A of the INA -- ?? Required documents to be provided: Required Documentation To complete the process, the petitioner must submit: Form I-130 (signed with proper fee), with all required documentation, including: Two completed and signed G-325A forms (one for you and one for your spouse) A copy of your civil marriage certificate A copy of all divorce decrees, death certificates, or annulment decrees that demonstrate that all previous marriages entered into by you and/or your spouse were terminated Passport style photos of you and your spouse (see Form I-130 instructions for photo requirements) Evidence of all legal name changes for you and/or your spouse (may include marriage certificates, divorce decrees, court judgment of name change, adoption decrees, etc.) If you are a U.S. citizen, you must demonstrate your status with: A copy of your valid U.S. passport OR A copy of your U.S. birth certificate OR A copy of Consular Report of Birth Abroad OR A copy of your naturalization certificate OR A copy of your certificate of citizenship Can someone plz help me out which all forms to be provided and which are not to be?
  11. Hi All, What are the steps and forms to be filled if a citizen is filing green card for their spouse on H1B with an approved I-140 and currently working? That includes EAD, Travel in case of emergency..etc. Everything. I tried to look for a thread that lists everything, unable to find one. Can some one plz help? Thanks
  12. Have a follow up question. Once the green card is filed, while I am still on H1B with approved I-140, am I allowed NOT to work? I was thinking may be I will take a break until the EAD comes. Is that possible?
  13. rao2929

    Visitor Visa B2 - Government doctors

    Is it a government requirement to get NOC? But then they don't give it. Is the simple leave application with approved stamp (but no reference to travel abroad) is sufficient for NOC? Or is there a specific format?
  14. Hi, We are applying for a visitor visa for me and my husband, and our son (6years). We both are government doctors. My brother is getting married in US and we want to be there for the wedding. We would like to take 3/4 weeks vacation to attend the wedding. He has been there for 13 years but we have never visited him before. Our parents have been there once for about a month. I am worried we being government employee - Do we need to show NOC from state government? I am hearing stories that it never gets through. Because we are doctors govt doesn't really give NOC? What should we do? Our intention is really to attend the wedding and spend some time with my brother. I have not seen him in 4 years. What should we do? Also, we will be able to get a 3 weeks to 1 month vacation (just general leave application). It will not state we are going to US etc. our fear is if we mention that they will start questioning? But we also want to do the right thing absolutely. Is there anything else else we can provide? Is it illegal to travel without a NOC? Please guide us so that we can attend the wedding. Thanks so much.
  15. I am on a H1B visa and GC is 140 approved. It was filed under EB3 in 2007. Now I am getting married and my husband is a US citizen. He will sponsor my Green card. We will do a court wedding right away to start the process. We are planning to buy a house together. 1. We will be living together from March. Planning to get married (court) in March. We will start the Green card right away. We will have another wedding with all the family in May. 2. How should we handle this? Should we just start following the process - such as get the marriage license, certificate etc and start the GC process. Am I missing anything? Any suggestions would be very helpful. I would like to do it right way so that it wont be a problem for GC. We both are planning to start a family as well. Please help.