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  1. Hello All, We filed for Visa extension for my mom last year while she was here for an extra month, she was supposed to leave on December 18th and we filed for a extension in November requesting her stay till January 20 2017 as I will be performing my Dad's annual death rites here in US. She left on January 20th and the application was in processing until today and just now got an alert saying that "On April 18, 2017, we reopened your Form I539, APPLICATION TO EXTEND OR CHANGE NONIMMIGRANT STATUS, Receipt Number EAC******, and are reconsidering our earlier decision ". What does this mean? Is this something we need to worry about ? We are planning on buying ticket for her this July to come visit us. Please let us know your experiences or advise..
  2. kcm1212

    Question on N400

    I posted my N 400 application on February 9th and is delivered on the 10th. The check is cashed on 14th February but I haven't received the receipt or any confirmation from USCIS. How long does it generally take to receive the receipt? It's been more than a week since it's delivered. Please advise..