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  1. IKEA


    Note: My husband's H1B has been picked up in 2020 lottery and we are waiting for H1B Approval too.
  2. IKEA


    I'm on an H1B Visa in the US with validity till Nov 2022. My husband is with me in the US under my visa in H4 EAD. We have to travel to Canada to activate his PR as its expiring shortly. My last stamping done in Mexico expired in Nov 2019 and my husband's last visa was F1. We both need to do visa stamping ( H4 first time and my H1b stamping). We could'nt do it now due to COVID. Question : Can we travel to Canada to activate PR and enter the US without visa stamping?
  3. IKEA


    We had filed for H4 and EAD together ( new filing ) in November 2019. H4 application got a regular RFE and we replied on MARCH 18 2020. EAD Application also got a regular RFE and we replied on APRIL 18 2020. BIOMETRICS date was DECEMBER 13 2019. Will both get approved together? How much more time will it take for approval?
  4. IKEA

    H1B EXTENSION with I140

    ok. can you confirm if I can use the other company I140 to file extension with the current company?
  5. I'm in my 6th year of H1B and my current company is working on my PERM application . My 6th year of H1 ends in Nov 2019. I have approved I140 from company B for which i had never worked. Company B is good to use this I140 for my extension. As a Note, I'm going to stay with my current company. I had only filed with company B as the timelines are very tight. Shall i use company B's I140 to file extension with my current company? What's the next step after this extension , when should i merge company B's I140 with my current company.
  6. IKEA


    B is a consulting company and A is state agency.
  7. IKEA


    I'm filing GC with B as PWD with A got denied due to low wage.
  8. IKEA


    I'm working for employer A and filing GC with employer B. The employer B says after I-140 approval I can use that to renew my H1 with employer A. Is it a valid option? Is it not mandatory that i need to be under employer B's payroll during i140? Please advise.
  9. My Prevailing Wage Determination (for Green Card) got denied in EB2 category as my wage is less. Other than salary increase by my company, what are the possible options. I have 2 Master's degree and 10 years of experience and I'm in my 4th year of H1B AS I work for a state agency i'm unable to talk to my attorneys and the attorney should be a state authorized person. Can i hire some attorney from Murthy Law firm? Is any of the attorneys in Murthy Law Firm is a state authorized attorney? 1. Can we file my PWD with the salary range given by DOL as future role and salary which will be paid after I-485 approval. 2. Can we file in EB3 with the current salary. Attorneys/Experts Please advise.
  10. I work for a State Agency. My prevailing wage got denied as the state pays low salary and DOL expects more. State is not ready to increase the wage rather they agreed to proceed with an appeal. My HR is strict and they are not allowing me to talk with the attorney with possible options. At this stage, what are my possible options?