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  1. SureshINN

    H1B to EAD

    Me and my spouse, we both are on H1B visa now. My spouse started working on Green Card. Am i eligible to file for EAD once my spouses I-140 got approved..? I know about H4 to EAD, but couldn't find any discussion about H1B to EAD
  2. SureshINN

    Status of H4 & EAD - after moving to H1b

    Your question is not clear to me, how ever i can share my experience. EAD is much more valuable than H1B. H4 & EAD means you are waiting for Green card, so you dont have to look for a new H1B anymore. With EAD you can work for any employer, and could be renewed once it get expired, but H1B limited to only the sponsor, if your sponsor is a HR firm, then you can't look for a full time position unless the hiring firm is ready for visa transfer. I had J2 visa + EAD, with that i worked for two companies on a full time role. Now i forced to take H1B and i am searching for a contract job for last couple of months. -> H4 given to H1B dependents. ->H1B filed by any firm to hire skilled candidates.