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  1. thanks for the reply. its a typo error again by mistake I had error in the application in Part 2.1. In Given name I had family name and in family name I had first name. Can I send a new application with new payment and I-797-c or I have to send the same application returned by USCIS.
  2. Hi - I received a I-797C notice with the entire package back. The notice says Credit Card transaction is not authorized due to incomplete information and says to re-submit the application with correct payment. below are my questions 1) can I re-submit the same application with new mode of payment(personnel check) 2)if I need to submit the same application, how can I correct the information on the application. I noticed by mistake I have entered first name in "Give name" section and vice versa in Part 2.1. please advise.... Thanks, harshu