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  1. aryaDheeraj

    J2 EAD validity during the H4 transition.

    The moment she is on H4 status, she will loose j2.
  2. Currently, working for an employer A at a client location . I got a FT offer in a different location with an employer B and the new employer applied for H1B transfer. My transfer went to RFE and the new employer is delaying to respond to RFE. It's been more than 2 months since RFE was issued. Now i am looking for a new client with the current employer and will change to the new employer once the transfer is approved. Meanwhile if i change to a different location my current employer will file for H1B amendment. Does the H1B amendment will have any impact on the ongoing transfer ?
  3. aryaDheeraj

    Switching from H4 to J1 visa

    Update on my wife's case : My wife went for J1 stamping and her visa got approved without any issues.
  4. aryaDheeraj

    H1b transfer and h4 ead

    No , your h1B transfer do not effect your spouse's H4 EAD. H4 EAD is valid until its validity date.
  5. aryaDheeraj

    Switching from H4 to J1 visa

  6. aryaDheeraj

    Switching from H4 to J1 visa

    There was a delay in getting the statement of need as intended, so my wife started residency on H4 EAD to avoid missing her joining date in the program. She has been working on H4 EAD for the last 5 months. Her h4 EAD is valid for another 8 months. Due to the uncertainty around H4 EAD rule, she decided to convert to J1 visa by attending the visa interview in India. What are the documents that she needs to carry for visa interview for H4 to J1 conversion? Do we need to carry any cover letter explaining the reason for the status change in the middle of the residency? I can think of the below documents. Valid DS -2019 Valid Passport Offer letter from the program Sevis fee confirmation Statement of Need. Medical school diploma. ECFMG certificate.
  7. aryaDheeraj

    COS and h4 extension in parallel?

    I am on H1B Visa my wife is h4 And also obtained h4EAd. She stated her residency on h4 EAD but due uncertainty with hr EAD we thought of converting her visa status to J1. Her h4 and EAd is valid till August 2020 but we are planning to apply for COS in this month. it looks like it takes around 10 months to complete the COS to j1. My question is, if I change the job my h1b will be extended bases on new employers petition. Can we also extend my wife’s h4 along with my h1b transfer when her CoS application is in process .? can we apply COs to j1 and h4 extension in parallel?
  8. I have a question on AR11 form update . My address has been changed few years ago and I did not filed AR11 form with USCIS to notify the address Change. 1. Can we do late update of address in AR11 form? Please advise. 2. Since I did not updated the address , What are the risks associated with green card renewal as I am due in few months.
  9. aryaDheeraj

    Switching from H4 to J1 visa

    Ok, thanks. I have seen posts online by few attorneys suggesting that candidates who appears for J1 interview need to prove that they have don't have immigration intent and they may face a problem if the spouse is applied for i140. Is it safe to apply for COS in the US but start the residency on h4 EAD and change to J1 when COS petition is approved?
  10. aryaDheeraj

    Switching from H4 to J1 visa

    Thanks for your reply. Does my wife need to prove that she has no intent to immigrate to the US? Do the consular office ever know my immigration status during her visa interview? My i140 was approved before our marriage and I don't think I ever included her name in my petition for the green card.
  11. aryaDheeraj

    Switching from H4 to J1 visa

    Can you please answer if there is any problem for getting J1 visa in India because of my i140?
  12. aryaDheeraj

    Question regarding J-1 visa

    Rahul23, Did you get answer for this question ?
  13. aryaDheeraj

    Switching from H4 to J1 visa

    My wife is an international medical graduate and selected for residency training in the US and she will start the training from July 1st. My wife needs to switch to j1 visa to start training . She could switch to J1 visa by attending the visa interview in India or apply for COS within the US it self . My I140 is approved and my wife holds a H4 EAD which is valid till August ,2020. Since I have a valid I140 , is there any negative effect on my Wife’s J1 visa out come while attending for visa interview in India due to the fact that I am on H1B visa Which has an immigration intent , even though my wife has 2 years mandatory home residency return policy. Please advise .
  14. aryaDheeraj

    Visitor visa for parents

    I am planning to schedule visitor visa interview for my parents at Hyderabad consulate , India. What are the prospects of visa approval after the recent travel ban and the current circumstances. Did anybody attended visitor visa interview in the past few days? If so , please share the experience.