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  1. Hi, I have been notified from my previous employer that back in Mar,2018 one of my colleague at that time has forged my signature and used my designation to avail himself a Company Employment verification letter. My previous colleague moved out of my previous employer around May,2018. The previous employer has received a verification query on documents related to my previous colleague from USCIS anti fraud department and that is when they identified this as one of the letters not issued by company.They have shared the forged letter on 08/09/2019 over email to me and i verified that the signature does not match my actual signature and i have definitely not signed this letter. Kindly advice the steps i need to take to ensure this does not impact my records with USCIS / State or Fed agencies. Thank You !
  2. Hi, Current H1B I797 valid till 03/2021. Previous I140 approved in Feb,2011 and withdrawn by previous employer in May,2017. However due to the new USCIS rule in Jan,2017, the H1b transfer with the new employer based on the previous i140 was successfull. Planning to visit India in october, ~6 months with new employer however they have not initiated the Green Card Process. Was there any recent issues in visa stamping in Chennai consulate or similar experience. Please share. As per my knowledge, the previous i140 is still valid since the priority date is beyond 180 days and documentation wise i should have everything intact for stamping. Currently in 9th years of my h1b visa stay in USA. Thanks a lot for your time,
  3. HI All, My status : i140 approved date - Feb, 2011. current H1B valid till : June, 2019 Current employer due to some policies has withdrawn representation for further processing of my I140 in May, 2017. The USCIS status says they have received the documents from my employer and have mailed the withdrawal acknowledgment notice to my employer. Question [1] With the new rule effective from Jan-17-2017, is it still possible to do a H1B transfer to a new employer. [2] Also, can i apply for a 3 year period in h1b transfer or go with the remaining time on current h1b only. Thank You All in Advance , Warm Regards...
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    Hi, i have h4 EAD approved for next 2 years till may,2019, based on my husband's approved h1 and I140. His i140 was approved in 2011. Now, he is planning to change his employer from current employer a to employer b. (1) when employer a revokes his 140 application, will my EAD be revoked or can I continue working as usual. His h1 is not extended through ac21. Thank you so much for your time and response in this matter. regards jo