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  1. You are right that it is illegal work and I'm aware of rules thus I'm referring the same that I don't work there. Any ways I knew that proving this point is difficult. Well other than the rules that I & you know, what would you suggest? Apart from speculations, are you aware of anyone who had been through this/similar situation? If yes, can you share their experience? Else what would you suggest based on your experience? Thanks.
  2. Hey i didn't receive any text from you? Can you text me on whatsapp.
  3. Yes I was a student at that time and I wasn't working at that store, big story short: That store is owned by our family friends and I happend to give some stuff to them (as I returned from India few days prior) and that day he had to step out of store for a while and asked me to cover the counter as it was very slow. And meanwhile i sold beer to minor who is a Tabc agent. And all these things happend. I was at wrong place at wrong time. My intentions were not to sell a beer to minor, in my view that was a mistake. Thus it was registered as misdemeanor case and dismissed on the same day. What are your thoughts?
  4. Hi, 2 and half years ago I was charged with a misdemeanor case (Sold alcohol to minor), the case was closed and paid fine. I got my H1b approved last year and planing to go for stamping this month. I have all court documents and mentioned the same on DS160. Did anyone went for visa stamping after all these speculations? Can anyone share their recent H1b stamping experience with closed Misdemeanor case? I welcome Any experienced and practical suggestions....