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  1. how did you raise service request?
  2. you planning to move to other country even after your H1approval? my MTR got reopened in January and there is no further update till date.
  3. I keep on checking with employer. They haven't received any update
  4. Did you get any response after Reopen?
  5. Congrats! you got response very quickly. My I-129 is reopened 6 months ago and yet there is no update since then
  6. They are taking forever to take decisions on MTRs and Appeals!
  7. Neha, No idea why it is taking so long. They usually take a decision within 1-2 weeks of MTR reopen date. It is very unusual to have no update even after 5 months. But I learnt from one attorney that it took 6 months(for one case) to get a decision after MTR reopen last year. So just keep hoping that we can see something anytime.
  8. How can we raise SR on our own? do you have any link? Thanks
  9. I think appeal is different from MTR. Am I correct? If appeal is approved they might take a decision soon
  10. FEB2017

    Issued I-797 C after MTR

    you are on h1 status. If you did not receive change of status then you need to leave country and get your h1b stamped. Btw, when did your MTR reopen?
  11. you waiting for 16 months on MTR? is it reopened yet?
  12. FEB2017

    MTR processing time

    When was your MTR reopen? and when was it approved? My case was reopened on Jan 24th and there is no update till now. My employer also did not receive any approval/denial receipt.
  13. When did you answer RFE and when did you hear approval? Did you do premium after RFE? Please let me know. thanks
  14. Can you please share your I-129 Reopen date and approval date confirmation by your employer? My case was reopened on Jan 24th 2017 but there is no further update till now.