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  1. @JoeF, Thanks for your response! @pontevecchio, Thanks for your response! Got it! It looks like an Indian Law that does not allow non-citizens of India to own agricultural land in India. I will have to contact someone in India to how to work this out. Does anyone know a naturalized US citizen who owns agricultural land in India?
  2. Hello, I am eligible to apply for US citizenship as I have been a green holder for over 5 years. I have been in a dilemma as to whether to obtain US citizenship or not. Here are my questions: Besides being an IT professional, I have a part-time business. What are pros and cons of obtaining US citizenship (when compared to green card) while living in the US if I go full time into business? I have some agricultural land in India that I inherited. Will obtaining US citizenship prevent me from owning agricultural land in my birth country – India? Considering the immigration situation this year 2017, is it advisable to apply for citizenship now or should I wait for some more time? Any suggestions are greatly appreciated! Thanks