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  1. Hi All, In Ds-160 form, I entered the job duties in an overview manner, as I filled it before trying to get my employer verification letter / client / vendor letter. These duties does not match exactly one-to-one. But, definitely correlate with each other up-to a certain level. The current employment verification / client / vendor all matches and are in detailed manner, than the overview. For instance, (just for example) DS-160: Confer with systems analysts, business analysts, programmers and others to design system H1-B employer letter: Communicate and work with people of all technical levels in a team environment. Now, do I have to fill and carry over a new DS-160 form with me?
  2. Hi All, I know most posts are concerned to USA visitor visa q's. I do have some q's regarding canadian visitor visa and hope could get answers. Qeustion: Have you travelled to other countries in the previous 10 years? Indian citizen residing in USA (applying from USA) and have traveled between India / USA. Should I answer yes/no to the above question? Question: UCI First time Canada application, should I leave it blank or N/A Question: Current Country of residence - Status H1B Visa holder in USA. Should I select "worker" or "other" and detail: H1B ? Question: Current Country of residence - Dates Should it be current H1B dates, or Start Date: last time port of entry date and End date: Expiration date? Question: National Id Card Does the question pertains to the Citizenship country or country of residence? Question: Details of visit Assuming tentative dates with an itinerary should suffix. Question: Employment details: State and City State and city for my employer or my work location?
  3. dsrini

    H4 EAD approved, never got the EAD

    I had applied for EAD card renewal (i765 with AR-11 (for address change)). I have got the approval, but I am yet to receive the EAD card. Creating a service request with USCIS got the following response - "EAD card was returned undeliverable, will resend the card to new address within 45-60 days". Now, it's more than two months from when I received the above response. I created another Service request, but confused on how to proceed further - Can I can re-apply i765 for Replacement card. If I do that will a letter explaining the above suffice (with service request response,Approval notice) for a fee waiver? I was previously working in a firm A, but have quit the employment by previous EAD card end date. Now, I have a prospective job offer, can I start working for the new employer? Can I start with my new job at the least after the new i765 (for Replacement) receipt ?
  4. I am confused on the new bill to be passed on 130K salary requirement for H1B. (I know this deviates from Trump's EO, but still want to clarify) Is that applicable to only H1-B dependent employers ? Are other H1-B in-dependent employers still eligible to file H1B with lesser amount ?