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  1. SangeethaSundaram

    H4 extension and H1 transfer

    Hello, My husband applied for H1 extension under his previous employer. I applied for my H4 extension in October 2018 and the case status still shows as received. My husband had to change jobs and applied for a H1 transfer with the new employer in January 2019. Should I reapply my H4 while the old one is still in progress? Also, my H4 EAD is bound to expire in August 2019 and I am planning on renewing it now. Will that be a separate application? please advise
  2. Hello All, I recently got my H4 EAD renewed until Aug 2019 and am currently employed. Under the rumored scenarios (H4 EAD being revoked), will I be made to quit my job? Wondering if I should alert my employer. Please advise.