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  1. Hi Karine, I sent my application in September 9th and received a letter from DOS in September 22nd with a new case number, then also the website was updated but before that it did not work. When my embassy sent the NOS, I sent an email to the waiver division and it took a couple of weeks to see the NOS in DOS website. Good luck
  2. Hi all, finally I got approval today! A phone call from a local congressman helped me to get the approval the day after! I definitely suggest you all to contact a local congressman if you have problems with the waiver! Good luck!
  3. I have the opposit problem....got approval for i-140 (3 months) but waiver still pending (more than 7months)....two months left with my visa then I'll have to leave the country if I do not receive the waiver :-(
  4. yes, I know it but my case is more complicated because of my husband's visa and business and my lawyer suggested me not to file I-485 before I have the final waiver. If I file it now and I get RFE for the missing waiver and I don't receive it in time then my I485 will be rejected and my husband may have big problems... and I will have to leave USA immediately.
  5. Anyone got the final waiver from USCIS? I am very worried because my visa will expire in 2 months and I cannot adjust my status to permanent resident without it!
  6. well...sometimes consulates make mistakes. Usually if your DS2019 states that you are subject then you actually are. You can eventually ask for advisory opinion but honestly it's just a waste of time. At the J1 waiver division officers are dumb and basically they just check just your ds2019 and your visa so you will probably receive a letter stating that you are subject and you'll end up wasting more than a month. I am not a lawyer but if you need the waiver to get a visa or GC would you risk to get it denied for the HRR? Plus I know that for indians it takes a huge amount of time to get the waiver. I am from Europe, usually it's easy for europeans to get it but I sent everything in September and I am still waiting ( I only got favorable recommendation from dos 2 weeks ago).
  7. I actually got the notice from USCIS on February 7th, only ofter 6 days DOS sent favorable recommendation. still pending.
  8. you are right...it's just confusing what they write : "Case Was Received At Another USCIS Office". Anyway it's the Vermont one!
  9. so I just received the receipt notice and online I found that my case has been received from another uscis office. This may be the reason why some people cannot find their case: maybe you are contacting the wrong office.
  10. If DOS does not reply and USCIS continue to say that they do not have your case maybe you can try to send the copy of the favorable recommendation to USCIS Vermount and a letter stating that you did not receive the receipt notice from them. Eventually you can ask then to contact DOS if they cannot find the recommendation. This is the only thing I can think.
  11. and nothing appear on the website?
  12. I think I got confused between your case and the other guy one. Anyway if they have your petition you will be fine soon I guess. Good luck
  13. and what's the status on "myUSCIS" website when you type your case number?
  14. Unfortunately there isn't any number to call. I just contacted them by email but sometimes they do not reply so the trick is to send multiples emails, then they reply. In the email add all the following info together with your question: • Case number • Last name • First name• Date of birth • Basis under which you are applying for a waiver Otherwise use the mail address to send a letter...it seems that they are more old style!
  15. Thanks. Sorry for your situation. I had the same issue with DOS...they said they did not receive my application and then the NOS but then everything magically appeared in the system online. I have the feeling that when you ask to USCIS and DOS they simply check it online (which is something that we can also do!) and they have all the documents somewhere but they are simply late. If you don't see anything for long time contact DOS and ask to send the recommendation again or ask to a lawyer if there is something you can do to speed up your process. Good luck